Surprise and Inspiration

Yesterday when I went to get my flu shot, I was greeted with a little surprise that I had not anticipated. Going in, I had everything ready to layout as to why I was doing things a little differently than my PCP had advised. After getting the vaccine the nurse asked about my numbers and I told her how much they had improved. I then began to rehash the reasons with her that I’d been doing things different, expecting her to – well, I really wasn’t sure what I expected other than maybe some resistance to my self-decided changes. So I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed that all of this made good sense and the the PCP had even done some extra research on this and had left me some advice and to continue with what I was doing!

As it turns out, my nurse (and at least one other staff member) have recently learned (the other/others already knew) she is at the diabetes-door and I have, with my changes, research and many questions, inspired them to get active in taking control of their BG and health. It was really kind of touching that she shared this with me, it’s not like she had to mention it.

I say this not to lift myself up or boast, let me be clear on that. But it shows me how, in yet another way, God can use us and the things going on in our lives and how we react to them to touch other folks lives. Every time I witness His movement in ways like this, so unexpected, I am awed, truly awed.

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