This is Like Work

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of testing, trying to figure out how foods (types, quantities, etc) effect my body and BG (blood glucose level) and to pin down, more or less, when my highest reading post-meals are. If you read yesterday’s blog you know that all of testing, and an “oops” on my part, showed me an anomaly that I need to try to get fixed.

This morning I had a food, sugar free instant oatmeal, for breakfast that has “treated me well” so far along with a cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast. Well, it could be the whole cup, rather than half, of yogurt but I suspect it was the oatmeal that shot my BG to 148 an hour after eating; that’s a number that is way too high for my liking or long term health. I suppose this is the beginning, if I remain off the Glyburide, of more intense testing to find out what foods at what times my body can really handle. I’ll tell you, this is turning out to be way more like work than being healthy ever was in the past!

I reckon that the good news is I’ve not experienced any low-lows in over 24 hours now, a first in the past few weeks. And it feels good to not have those episodes, which feel rotten. I have a grocery shopping trip on my agenda today, an activity that has “crashed” me almost every time I’ve done it, so we will see how that goes before I feel like I’m making any real headway.

As much work as it seems like it’s going to be, almost starting afresh it feels like, I’d really like to manage this disease with as few medicines as possible, as naturally as possible, so I’m far from ready to throw in the towel on this “experiment”. I plan on trying it out a week and then giving the doc a call with the results. Of course, the final decision will rest with me, but I will at some point want her professional opinion on all this.

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