Month: September 2014

Baby Steps

When I first received my diagnosis I was in shock. After all, I’d never been told I was at risk for developing diabetes and I had and went to regular check ups and blood work done. In the past is had high cholesterol, triglycerides, and slightly elevated blood pressure but that had been under control for several years with medication and slight diet adjustments. But A1C, blood glucose levels, an the such were never a problem, at least not one I’d been told about.

For the first week I was angry at my former family doctor (we’ll get into that later) and in denial; I had a new set if blood work done, fasting, and was sure it had to be a mistake.

The new labs confirmed the doctor’s opinion and blew away my false hopes: my blood glucose (BG) was a tad under 400 and my triglycerides were higher than they’d ever been, almost 600.

The next week I spent mourning, I suppose that would be as good a term as I could come up with. I was saddened to think of the risks and complications that diabetes brings with it. It also pained me to try to research the disease; it is overwhelming at first to try to take in, or even figure out, what you need to know to start.

After that I got a new attitude about the whole thing, after my follow up with my new doc. I prayed (and complained) a lot to The Lord and He showed me that this disease and I will have a master-slave relationship, and I get to choose which role I’ll play, not the disease. So I have decided that I will be the master and take control over the situation, my diet, and the, all be it limited, exercise my already wrecked body can and will do.

I know it’ll be a long – lifelong – process but in determined to take the steps to take control of this disease and make the very best of it, even if that means taking lots of unsteady baby steps to get going.

Hello, My Name is Greg and I’m a Diabetic

A few weeks ago I received the unexpected news that I’m a diabetic, have been – uninformed and uncontrolled – for a year or so. It’s a long story, one I’ll get to sharing eventually, but let’s say for now I was shocked, angry, and in denial.

Most if you know that I am disabled; I was diagnosed with CES in August of 1999. Way back then, when one had to know HTML to write and maintain a blog, I began journaling about my condition and my prognosis and progress. I helped several folks along the way and most importantly it helped me to cope with my new “life”. Eventually I stopped posting to that blog, may have even deleted it, because I felt it was time for me to move on with my life; I was at a point where I wasn’t going to improve, aside from Divine intervention, and I felt like I was dwelling on the negative and needed to move to a more positive mindset; I was right.

The lessons I learned from blogging way back then were many, but the single most important one was it was, for a time, therapeutic for me. I expect this new blog will be as well as I face another “bump” in the road of my life. Eventually I may end this blog, too, but I plan to post more than just diabetes-related blogs here so it may be a permanent, ongoing endeavor. Time will tell.

I have an established blog that I post daily devotions to and daily verses, as well as some lesson/sermon outlines as well. I considered combining the posts there but thought that wasn’t the best course of action. Some will be interested in both subjects, others not, and I don’t think it “fair” to my subscribers to force them to see the posts from this area of my life in they have no interest in the subject. Make no mistake though, there will be some cross-posting and my faith will be a central theme in this blog as well as the other; this blog just won’t be solely focused on my faith where the other, mirror less, is.

The night grows late now and I have an early morning so this will conclude my inaugural blog. I look forward to meeting and interacting with new friends through this new project.

May God richly bless you as He has me.