Creative Writing

I’ve loved to write my entire life. Be it short stories, essays, blog (you probably guessed that one), editorial/opinion pieces or different types of poetry, writing has always been a release for me and a way to be expressive and creative. Besides the multiple blogs I’ve maintained over the years, I’ve also contributed to a few on various topics, been published in various electronic magazines, and a few “real” news papers and magazines, too; I have even sold a couple of pieces (gotten paid for my work), which I’m fairly proud of to honest, and won a few awards and contests along the way.

Back in junior high school, what they call “middle school” now, I began writing poems as an English assignment; we had to write three poems in at least two different styles and submit them. I ended up getting an award of some type for one of them and it was published in some “journal”, though I can’t recall more than that. That assignment is what blossomed my life-long love of creative writing.

I think I learned about haiku in the English class that I spoke of above. I immediately loved its simplicity and how that “framed” style made me think harder to be creative and expressive in such a small number of syllables. Along the way somewhere, I later learned of Tanka, a similar but longer form of Japanese poetry with a meter of 5-7-5-7-7, adding two extra lines of seven syllables each.

Although I’ve written hundreds (and had a dozen or more published) of these two styles of poems, it has been years since the last one was penned. Today I read about a weekly haiku prompt and followed a link to read more. Suddenly I felt inspired to “tap” out a poem! Based on the prompt play, I now share that haiku with you:

After the green ball
My wiry little dog goes
Every time I throw

I don’t know if I’ll follow up with more poems/creative writing or not; there is a weekly prompt but I’m not committing to it or anything else with my currently limited free time. But if I do, I’ll share them here in all likelihood.

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