We have three dogs, all of which are part of our family. Each one has his/her own unique personality and “quirks”, if you will, not unlike people really. Yesterday I wrote about Jack, our “middle” dog; today you’ll meet Petey.

Our youngest dog is Petey; he’s a Shih Tzu and is about four years old now; we found him as a pup, running loose in heavy traffic, and quite literally rescued him. Since no one came forward to claim him he ended up staying with us.

Petey is really a great dog – with one glaring exception: He likes to escape from our fenced in yard by digging and then sliding under the fence. And he has almost an innate ability to know when it is time for us to leave and he does his best to turn a “potty break” into an escape every single time; talk about frustrating!

Earlier today I began to write a haiku about his irritating habit. As luck would have it, I later saw that this week’s primer at Haiku Horizons was “free”! Coincidence? I think not. Here’s my 17-syllable description of Petey’s way of getting free at the worst of times:

He knows it’s time now
As we prepare to depart
Out the door he darts

Sometimes he gives in and comes home before we leave, sometimes we trick him into it. And other times he’s too smart and hardheaded to get so we find him sitting on the stoop out front by the door waiting patiently for us on our return, which seems to be some kind of victory for him, from the way he acts. What a dog, that Petey!


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