This past weekend my wife and I went to see the movie “American Sniper”. If you aren’t familiar with it , it’s a big-screen adaptation of the autobiography of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the sniper with the most confirmed kills in US military history. While my opinion on the movie is not relevant, I will say that I believe Kyle was (is) a hero.

The movie got my mind churning upon some thoughts I’ve had before, about tragic death in general and during wartime in particular. Let me say first that I love my county and have the utmost respect for those that fight and do what they do to protect us and it. But that doesn’t change the nagging thought that oftentimes haunts me whenever I learn of these tragic events.

Going with the the Haiku Horizons weekly prompt of “point” I share this with you.

They forfeit it all
Reduced to lost names, obscure
Faces – What’s the point?

A tribute to all who have given freely of themselves so we may enjoy that which we have – and too often take for granted.


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