Haiku Challenge- Miss and Past

This afternoon I began opening my emails and was pleased to find the first haiku challenge of the week from Ronovan Writes: miss & past. To be honest, this was the second challenge in my inbox but I missed the deadline for the other one; I’m not always great with time-sensitive creative things! LOL 

Anyway, as usual, I spent a long time pondering the challenge – about 2 minutes – and then out popped the following haiku:

Some folks miss the past
Some focus on the future 
I live for today 

This haiku really fits me and my life pretty well. Yes, I make preparations for some things but overall I live for today. I know that the next moment may be my last; the Bible teaches we aren’t guaranteed another day of life. I know that I can’t change a thing by worrying about it; all I can do is move forward today in a way that is honest, honorable, and brings glory to God. 
I also feel that the memories and values we leave and impart are the most valuable things there are/we can do.  So I try to live as if this is “it”; I need to be prepared to leave this life at all times and do my best to leave behind a godly legacy to my family and friend and make sure I’ve not left anything that needs amends in my relationships.
Yes, it can be a tall order. And yes, I do fail at times, more than I’d like to admit realm. But overall I think it’s really the only way, for me at least, to live. 


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