‘Atop the Mountain

First off, my hat’s off to Ronovan for keeping up his weekly challenges and blog-work in general through a tough week: Kudos, my friend! The challenge words this weekfield and beacon – brought out a more more natural flow, with minimal effort, unlike one from last week from Haiku Horizons. 

Gazing yonder field
‘Atop the mountain is He
The beacon of hope 

The words and their product made me think of how Christ compared us to a city on a hill, who’s light ought to shine bringht, only it made me focus on how Jesus is the true light of hope for the whole of humanity


  1. Reblogged this on Loose Him and Let Him Go and commented:
    I’ve been doing a fair amount of writing of late, not all of it about faith but much. I wanted to share this post (and the link in it to another) from my other blog; I hope you enjoy the word-imagery.


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