Month: March 2015

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Challenge: Skylark 

When I opened the challenge today from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai I immediately knew where this one was going. And I knew it was probably, for me anyway, going to be in a very different direction than most folks. While I’m not a “car guy” really, I used to be in the car business and have always loved the looks of the classic cars from the 1950’s through the early 1970’s so the skylark I though if was the mechanical kind rather than the feathered type. 

I had to borrow an image for this challenge; I don’t catalogue vehicle pictures, except a few of my own. But a quick search brought me to the exact car I had in mind: a burnt orange coupe with racing stripes from 1970. 


Lean muscle machine
Racing stripes complete her looks
Sweet Buick Skylark 

I also learned that yesterday I was miss-quoting the name of the style of haiku here (poem on photo) with name of the subject matter of that challenge; my thanks to the commenters that made me realize this without calling me out embarrassing me! This style is actually Haiga not Higan.

Goodnight Winter

The more I read different blogs the more I learn about writing (and many other things) better. I also learn new techniques and styles, ways and means of doing things; most prominently I have learned a ton about restoring old pipes, a hobby I dearly enjoy. But more recently I’m learning more about different and unique styles of writing, focusing today on  haiga – haiku with/on photos. 

This is my third attempt at haiga  and the first that I think I’ve actually done right! I’ve used the Carpe Diem Haiku prompt for all three of them, this one included, but just realized the words are supposed to be on the photo, not just near it! Oh well, at least I’m learning!

This challenge really challened me, too. It is about spring equinox; please click the link to read all about it, as there’s quite an intersection story that goes with the challenge. 


Goodnight cold and grey
This equinox spells your end
Spring is here today

If you read my posts you probably know I usually get an idea, work it right up and “bam”, that’s what I have: simple. Occasionally it doesn’t go that way and this was on of those occasions. I knew kind of what I wanted to say but exactly which photo I wanted to say it with. 

Skimming Through

The weekly prompt from Haiku Horizons this week is skim, and it is a good one for me at this time. Someone recently said that haikus are often mini-chapters of our lives and, for me at least, that’s usually the case- a snapshot of life if you will. 

The following is what the prompt produced for me, today, at this moment:

Life is in chaos
Upheaval abounds all ’round
Barely I skim through 

Highs and lows, peaks and valleys, we all go through them throughout our lives.  If I’m completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of change in any sense: it doesn’t matter if it’s perceived as good or bad, none of it is fun to me. Thankfully the situation we are in or facing now, especially if we see it as “bad”, is as sure as the season to change. We only need to hold onto our hope of a better day that is coming to get us through the valleys of life. 

‘Atop the Mountain

First off, my hat’s off to Ronovan for keeping up his weekly challenges and blog-work in general through a tough week: Kudos, my friend! The challenge words this weekfield and beacon – brought out a more more natural flow, with minimal effort, unlike one from last week from Haiku Horizons. 

Gazing yonder field
‘Atop the mountain is He
The beacon of hope 

The words and their product made me think of how Christ compared us to a city on a hill, who’s light ought to shine bringht, only it made me focus on how Jesus is the true light of hope for the whole of humanity


The weekly challenge this Sunday from Haiku Horizons gave me a bit of a challenge, as the name would imply it should I reckon. The word was “refuge” and the topic came to my mind with ease. But the haiku took some thought and a couple of attempts before I got something I was satisfied with, which is a little unusual for me; normally I have an idea and it pours out in moments but not with this one. 

As some of you may know, I enjoy smoking a pipe filled with a good tobacco. It relaxes me and oftentimes enhances my thinking and creative abilities. I enjoy the rituals that go along with the hobby of being a pipe man, as well as restoring the old ones that have seen better days to like-new and useable condition again. So, I knew that my “refuge” was my pipe from the onset of the exercise. 

The smoke circles up
Clearing my head as it wafts
My pipe, my refuge 

Haiku Challenge- Miss and Past

This afternoon I began opening my emails and was pleased to find the first haiku challenge of the week from Ronovan Writes: miss & past. To be honest, this was the second challenge in my inbox but I missed the deadline for the other one; I’m not always great with time-sensitive creative things! LOL 

Anyway, as usual, I spent a long time pondering the challenge – about 2 minutes – and then out popped the following haiku:

Some folks miss the past
Some focus on the future 
I live for today 

This haiku really fits me and my life pretty well. Yes, I make preparations for some things but overall I live for today. I know that the next moment may be my last; the Bible teaches we aren’t guaranteed another day of life. I know that I can’t change a thing by worrying about it; all I can do is move forward today in a way that is honest, honorable, and brings glory to God. 
I also feel that the memories and values we leave and impart are the most valuable things there are/we can do.  So I try to live as if this is “it”; I need to be prepared to leave this life at all times and do my best to leave behind a godly legacy to my family and friend and make sure I’ve not left anything that needs amends in my relationships.
Yes, it can be a tall order. And yes, I do fail at times, more than I’d like to admit realm. But overall I think it’s really the only way, for me at least, to live. 

Meadows – a haiku 

I’ve been browsing more and more blogs of late, reading more poetry and looking for haiku prompts. The other day one of the poetry blogs I read led me to Carpe Diem Haiku and a new prompt: meadows. I like to give the thought to my mind and take what comes, not fussing too much with it. Here is the thought that leapt from my mind. 

Out across yonder
Wind stirs the meadow flowers 
Dancing as alive

Beast of a Day 

I took a pretty hard tumble yesterday and am feeling the effects of it today still, as I expected. In an oddly weird kind of way, I happened upon another haiku prompt that fit the situation to the proverbial “T”. And thus was born this little piece:

I had a hard fall
Banged and bruised all up from it
This day was a beast

W had almost forgotten, until just a few weeks ago, how much o enjoy putting these thought-poems together. I would encourage you to try it, too. It’s such s fun and simple thing that requires only a little brainwork I’m almost certain anyone would enjoy and even benefit from it in short order.