Month: March 2015

A Few Changes 

As you have probably noticed, I’ve been adding some new, non-diabetes related content recently to the blog. I expect this trend will continue as I move forward on my path. Although my T2 diagnosis spurred me to start this blog, I realize that I don’t have enough content that is specifically diabetes related to post much. And, to be honest, I find writing in general therapeutic and want to include more aspects of my life, thoughts, etcetera in my posts. 

Having had a blog before, another currently active one in fact, I have learned about tagging andcategorizing posts in a better way over the years. I hope and plan to organize this blog well enough that you can get to what you may be interested in without a lot of hassle. Do remembered I said plan not promise but will try to accomplish it. 

I also hope to generate more feedback from readers and find more blogs of interest to me to follow. The content on the World Wide Web is so vast it’s easy to overlook good sites and even easier, in my opinion, to get lost in them. Nonetheless these are a few of my goals for the future for this blog and my readership of others. 

I will still have posts about diabetes and my journey with this disease. But I’m going to focus less on that and more on the wonderful gifts God has given me.