CDHK Challenge #697 

When I saw this challenge from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai I thought something was wrong: “I already did this” I thought. Well, I was half right; there was recently a challenge using the word “weep” which I used to write a haiku on my weeping willow tree. And now “weeping willow” is a new challenge. 

In that earlier post I lamented the fact I wasn’t able to access a photo at the time, thinking this would be a very good subject for a haiga. Well, it seems I’ll get the chance for that haiga after all; I hobbled, literally, out and took this photo of my tree this evening. The storms of this past winter have been hard on the old tree and I fear her health may be in decline, as you might be able to see here.  

 Lush, green, tall and strong
My old weeping willow tree
Shows the toll of time

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