A Letter to a Younger Me – #BeWoW

Yesterday when I read the idea Ronovan had for his #BeWoW post this week I was immediately taken with and inspired by it. I gathered my essential gear for this task – my favorite corncob pipe filled with a favorite tobacco, my Zippo, my iPad, and a large mug of dark roast coffee – and went to my favorite spot to ponder on our back deck. There I meditated on what I might or might not tell myself, if I had that opportunity, with the knowledge I now possess. I composed my letter but had to take a break from working on the post (my grandson came home from school) so it rested until now. 

 © Greg Wolford 
I would’ve gotten this published earlier today but another event inspired me to blog about it first, since the main body of this post was already done. So this week I end up with two #BeWoW blogs; if interested, you may read the first post here, on my other blog. Now, onto my letter to me.

Letter to self
I’m writing this to you 25-years in the future. I know it is weird reading that; it’s much more so writing it though. I want to provide you with some advice, based on how our lives have turned out so far. I can’t be too specific because I don’t know what choices you’ll make when you read this and how they may alter our destiny. So, from what I’ve learned and wish I’d known a quarter century ago, this I would like to pass on to you.
You think you have pretty good instincts, especially toward people. And you do. While it’s not always going to be right, follow your “gut” whenever and wherever it leads. Learn from each chapter of your life as you “write” it. And don’t be such a critical author; no one gets them all every time, no matter what you think. 

Stay humble and it will get you far; remember it takes a lot more guts to be compassionate than to be a brute, in all areas of life. But don’t be run over because of your humility. I know you won’t worry over your “image” or how your are perceived and I know that is a good thing in our case; don’t question that.

I have always been one to forgive but not forget. I can’t advise you on this, Greg, because I can’t change who I am now. And I don’t know if I would tell you to change this either. Follow your gut. 

You are stronger than you think you are. But in a few years, if you follow the path as I did, you’re going to think you’re stronger than you are. Acknowledge that your strength, and all things, come from God sooner than I did. Know that it takes time and distance to get the correct perspective on how He works. And embrace the gifts and talents He has graced you with much sooner than I did.

If you follow the road of life as I have, and forsake this letter, you will end up okay. But you will end up with some regrets; I know because I have them and live with them daily. If I can persuade you to take only one piece of advice and adhere to it it will be this: Mend your relationship with God now, and follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting now. Don’t waste the years I did by not walking in His will. Trust me when I say there are so many lives you can touch and make a difference in for the better. And believe me that if you disregard this piece of advice you will have many of the same remorse and “what ifs” that I have. 

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