Full Circle #1: Sunshine

This week Carpe Diem Haiku started a new exercise called Full Circle. The idea is to take twelve prompt words and use them in clockwise order, one word per stanza, to create four new haiku. Although it sounded like a real challenge it also sounded like a lot of fun. Here are the dozen prompt words:

1. sunflower
2. rain storm
3. puddles
4. beach
5. waves
6. making love
7. seagulls
8. rain storm
9. lightning
10. mountain
11. peony
12. nightingale

And these are my full circle haiku:
The sunflower droops
After the rain storm ceases
Puddles form below

Warm sand on the beach
Waves lapping at the couple
Their eyes making love

Seagulls circle now
As a rain storm glides inland
Lightning flashes near

Tall rugged mountain
Sweet peony scent abounds
Near nightingales nest

What a fun exercise this turned out to be! And it wasn’t quite

One comment

  1. Well done Greg …. it’s always worth the try to create new features and this one was surely one of the toughest to make … because it’s not easy to compose haiku from the twelve given words. Great quartet you share here … chapeau!

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