Month: April 2015

Pebbles Thrown

Karma, a concept that goes back in time farther than we really know and called by many “names”, both ancient and modern. I read a very good short treatise on this on another blogger’s site this morning; take a look for yourself to see what he has to say. 


Even the smallest pebbles
Make ripples when thrown

Ripples have consequences
Radiating far and wide

Repercussions for 
Our actions and inactions
Are felt forever

This was inspired by the CDHK challenge Karma.

Tan Renga Challenge- Howling Wind

Today is Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Tan Renga challenge day, one that I’m beginning to look forward to each week. The specific details can be found here but in short the first three stanzas are the inspiration and the last two are my addition to (hopefully) make it complete. 


 howling wind —
an autumn note within
the bamboo flute (C) Kala Ramesh

Dancing notes surrounding me
With peaceful tranquility

Smoke Rings

A few days ago Carpe Diem Haiku Kai did an exercise on, what else, haiku: specifically form. The challenge was to stretch ourselves by doing three haiku in slightly different ways: one 3-5-3 stanza, one traditional 5-7-5, and a free form stanza. It took me a little longer than usual to get this done; I had an idea but it took several tries to get something I was pleased with. Consequently I missed the deadline but have a chained haiku that I really like. 


Smoke wafts from
A burning ember
In my pipe

An animated
Enchanting dance of smoke rings
Drifting by my eyes

Lulling me into
A tranquil state of mind
Induced by rolling smoke rings

As you can see, I stayed with the guidelines using stanzas of 3-5-3, 5-7-5, and 5-6-7 for the free form ending, while, in my mind at least, chaining them into one poem. Even though I ran over the deadline, I found this exercise to be a fun and thought provoking challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed.  

Joyful: a #BeWoW Post

The #BeWoW post series is one I’ve been meaning to take part in for weeks and today I’m finally getting to it. The idea is to post something positive or inspiring and stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday; this series was started by Ronovan Writes and you can find more on the #BeWoW challenge here.

Since our kids are adults now we celebrate Easter a little differently than we have in the past. Every other year we have our grandson on Easter and on those years we do the Easter Bunny and basket, hide eggs, and all that jazz for him; we also have a big, home-cooked meal when he is here – ham – to pass on our family tradition, like we did with our children when they were young. The years we don’t have him with us we skip all of the “activities” and have dinner out someplace. No matter the year though there is one constant: We celebrate our Lord’s resurrection in church.

This year was a “without-year” but we had something special planned: a long time friend and co-worker of my wife was being baptized and we were invited to the baptism. We were filled with joy for her to take this commitment and to have invited us to be a part of it. She attends a church that we had never been to so there was another “new” thing to look forward to as well. It is a funny thing but I find when I am in the Lord’s house, among His people, I always feel at home, even if I’ve never been in that particular building before.

The baptism turned out to be a two-for-one event; not only was our friend being baptized but a baby was also being dedicated (some would call it infant baptism). The joy of being a part of these events was truly abundant! Add in the wonderful celebration of Resurrection Day and I was sure my “joy-tank” was full …. but it was to be topped off a bit more I would soon find out!

At the end of the service the choir sang a beautiful rendition of The Hallelujah Chorus. As they were singing I observed a petite, elderly lady in the choir: she was a cute little lady, adorned in what I figure might have been a new Easter dress, in the middle-left on the top row, probably in the 70-year old range. But what I noticed, what topped off, if you will, my “joy-tank” was her attitude: She was clutching her hymnal to her body, eyes closed, and singing with everything in her, praising the Lord, her small frame almost dancing as she sang. Getting to be a part of all I had experienced that day was wonderful but seeing this senior Sister overflowing with joy as she worshiped, well, it made this younger Brother of her’s day complete.

God is good, all the time.

Changing Gears a Little 

I know I’ve been sharing a lot of my writing lately, which I hope you are enjoying. It also seems I’ve been like a “broken record” playing “Whoa is me!” in almost every other post I’ve made: with my fall, stomach “bug”, self-inflicted back irritation, and yet another cold/virus setting in on me.  But it occurred to me that I had forgotten to post an update from my last doctor visit/on my health, which I said I would do. So, let’s change gears a bit for a post or two and get away from haiku and poems and injury and illness and such and on to the update, shall we? Okay, then, here we go!

To begin with, in my last post, written while in the waiting room at my primary care provider’s office, I wrote a haiku about her/their new policy; I know, I said no more poem-stuff in this post but this is pertinent. Well, I was a bit hasty in my skepticism (read the post linked in the first sentence of this paragraph if you want to know more): my wait time was less than five minutes from my appointment time. It seemed longer because I arrived early due to the new no-late-arrivals policy, but it really wasn’t. Now that I have made amends (with myself if no one else) on that jumped to conclusion- on to the results!

As I expected I had gained a few pounds back; I don’t recall the number but it was within a pound or two of what I figured: that was okay news. The good part was about to be revealed; my nurse wouldn’t tell me anything, purposefully playfully toying with me , except that she was printing something out for the PCP to show me. Well, this was not what I was expecting; I figured that, along with my weight, my other numbers had gone up. The wait to find out what this good news could be was almost unbearable – for the entire five minutes I had to wait!

When my PCP came in the exam room she was all smiles, holding a set of printouts in one hand and her tablet in the other. Brimming over with pride for me, she handed me the printout of my lab work and began to explain it; many of the numbers I knew and understood but some I wasn’t too familiar with. All of my numbers had improved again, even my A1C had dropped a bit more, bringing it down to 5.1! And while a few results are still not quite where they need to be, all showed significant improvement and should, she said, continue to normalize as my body keeps adjusting to its new regiment. 

Part of the reason I had been concerned with my labs not being as good as they had been, let alone dropping and improving further, is that I’ve released some of the tension of the “stranglehold” I’d put on my diet. When I first learned of my disease I knew I had to make dramatic changes to gt it under control. But these changes were so dramatic I was having a hard time staying within my self-set parameters all the time. I finally realized this is not a diet I’m on but a total lifestyle change and in order to stay with that change I would need to adjust my parameters to ones that I could live with day in, day out, for the rest of my life. And apparently the modifications were not too liberal as I had feared. 

If it’s The Lord’s will, I have a lot longer on this “road of life” I’m on. And I know full well that there will be plenty more potholes and detours to avoid or take. But with His grace and leading I’m confident we, He and I, can navigate through it, though the bumps and lumps will inevitably still be there along the way.