Soliloquy no Renga

The tan renga challenge – usually the Friday feature on CDHK – has become one of my favorite writing exercises. Usually we are given a “hokku” (a haiku by another provided to build off, creating a tanka. This week ouir host, Chèvrefeuille, threw a little extra challenge into the challenge asking us to build off the hokku into a tanka and then continue on with two more tanka, to form a chained triplet. I’m sure he explains it much better in the original post here

CDHK Tan Renga Challenge

(From the original challenge post)

The “hokku” (the opening verse) is the following (with preface):

Today we have the first day of spring in spite of the day.

has spring come
or the year gone away?
second last day

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

(Now my addition.)

Daffodils peak up teasing
Signs of new life unfurling 

Snow has retreated
Warm showers taking its place
Greening everything 

Sun shine forth more each day 
Is winter finally at bay?

Temperatures drop
Suddenly- seems February
Fickle seasons tease

Awaken to a hard frost
Before Mother’s Day all can be lost
© Greg Wolford
Thank you, again, Chèvrefeuille for another fun, stretching exercise! While I’m normally a 5-7-5-7-7 kind of poet (but not necessarily always and definitely not a stickler for all the “normal” things/subjects found in haiku or tanka, this piece opened me up to feel free with the words and images, something I really enjoyed!