Truth: a haiku/haibun

When a person is afflicted with a life-changing condition, compounded by chronic ailments, at a relatively young age, a time when they are supposed to be in the prime of their life, it hurts: It hurts in a lot of ways. We look around at times and wonder, even ask, “Why? Why this and why me?”  Often it is only in our minds we question why, but occasionally the question becomes a cry – outloud. Every so often these times stretch from what is a basic sadness and frusteration into period of self-pity. And self-pity is no good, at any time, never being productive and often leading to a worsening of the overall situation. 

It is when these rare times of self-pity encompass me that Truth* steps in and shows me where I really am and where I easily could have been. I’m thankful for these “interventions”, snapping me back to reality. Because in truth, I am far more blessed than I should be, in far better shape than I’m supposed to be in, and far better off than many folks.

self-pity screams out
life – how unfair -look around
Truth – I’m so blessed

* Truth is capitalized here on purpose, for I am referring to God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth as He is sometimes called. 

Linked to Haiku Horizons week 65 writing prompt “fair”.


  1. If we focus on one aspect of our lives, albeit possibly all encompassing, it is sometimes hard to see the bigger picture of Truth. I am glad your haiku ends with the broad truth of our blessings! Truth = fair! 🙂

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