Good Folks Still Exist #BeWoW 

In case you’re wondering, yes, I “fat finger” published a post Monday night of almost the same title by accident; I was trying to save a draft and … well, failed. This is was I intended to write.

See here for more on the BeWoW movement

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Looking around the world today can almost send one into a deep, dark depression. It seems like everywhere we turn, whether it be online, on the television, in the newspaper, or just about any place else one can consume any form of media, the general outlook is pretty bleak.  The country is plagued by violence, drug abuse, crime of all other sorts, scammers (the new age confidence man in my opinion) and that’s the tip of the iceberg. 

Almost daily and with little or no effort you can find out about a corrupt politician or crooked judge. Our government leaders fail us in more ways than I can write, let alone count. Role models fall to the trappings of their fame, crushing young folks looking up to them or worse yet setting them off on the wrong path by example. Even our spiritual leaders and mentors fail us, though usually for less nefarious reasons. 

But then there are the ordinary “Joes” in our lives; folks with no agenda or fame, no fortune and little to no real “power” in the world. It’s these people that come to humanity’s rescue; they revive hope in us that the world isn’t as terrible as it surely seems. 

  • The man you don’t know that gives you a jump when your cars dead … and he has the jumper cables. 
  • The cashier that chases you down to give you the bag you forgot to put in your buggy. 
  • The lady who hands you the $20 you didn’t know you dropped, even though she looks like she needs it more than you. 
  • The person you met via an online group/forum/etcetera that lifts you when your down like no one else can/does. 
  • The stranger who just smiles and greets you warmly during the course of the day. 

These are but a few examples of folks being folks and making a difference, probably not even knowing it, in the normal course of their day/life. Think about it: Hasn’t this happened to you recently – or something very close to it? I’m betting it has. These are people who are choosing to be extraordinary folks, it occurred to me after reading Ronovan’s preview for his post today. 

Dare yourself each day to be a blessing to someone.

Each one of you reading this, most likely, is and ordinary Joe/Joan. We each have the ability to rescue someone else’s day, every day. The challenge – and I extend it to you – is to slow down and just do it! It’s not the big things but the small, sincere, heartfelt acts that make the real, lasting impression on people. But we have to make the opportunity and then seize it. And all of a sudden the world isn’t such a terrible place – even if it’s only for a few moments. Will you choose to be extraordinary to someone?

Yes, despite its bleak appearance, the world does still have good folks in it; they we do still exist, are capable of of making a difference to someone each day in some way, if we just will.

Bring a little sunshine into someone’s cloudy day today, every day. And pray they will pay it forward starting today. 


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