1. I’m sorry you feel that way. I write what I feel, what comes to my heart; I know it’s not “traditional” haiku/tanka but it is me.


      1. I think the tanka was very good, really was, I mean that, and cannot critisise the quality, on the contrary – but I do think you’re ”misusing” haiku and tanka in order to spread a message.

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      2. Thank you for the words of advice. While I will take them into consideration (I’m not a zealot LOL) I can’t – won’t – promise my faith won’t come out in my poems. Haiku is about nature, if I understand right, and all of what we call nature is of God in my belief. And to me, I don’t intend to proselytize in my writing – similar to how as the traditional Buddhist used their writing – I intend to praise God with my writing and in all things I do, though I fail daily.

        I am trying to understand and use more of the traditional ways/meanings/phrases – like using “old man” for me – and incorporate them into the poems.

        And again, I sincerely thank you for your kind words and respect your point of view. 🙂


  1. I am glad you write what you feel Greg. And what you feel indicates the person behind the poem.Someone who knows peace and love, someone without bitterness and conflict and someone who does not focus on the ugly and gritty of life. I am sure many of us enjoy your haiku…I know I do…keep writing your heart:)

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