The Pitch: a haiku 

This week Ronovan brings us another fun challenge providing the words “pitch” and “time” for our prompts. 

Coming from a long background in sales, my take on this will, likely, be very different than most other folks’, which isn’t at all unusual for me! LOL

salesman throw their pitch
with hopes the timing is right 
the deal will be made


    1. My timing was impeccable, if I do say so myself LOL. All kidding aside, I always did what my Papaw (grandfather) told me when I was in sales. He said, “Son, always treat the feller on the buyin’ side like you’d want to be treated when you’re sellin’ and you’ll make out just fine.” So, I always did: I listened closely, helped them find what they NEEDED, and never fibbed. I was the top new Chevrolet truck salesman in my state the last year I sold new vehicles. Then I stayed at the top or near (and made a lot more money) after I moved to used vehicles. But I liked the folks and loved my job so it was easy 🙂

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      1. And you must have really believed in what you were selling. People can spot that kind of integrity in a pitch and it instills trust, probably helping to seal the deal even more than good timing. But of course, Ronovan didn’t use seal or deal or trust this week did he? 😉

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      2. That’s neat – and cute! :). Papaw always drove either a Chevy or GMC, too. He said they were the saw truck with different badges. Years leather when I got in the business I found out he was right; they were made in the same factory with only cosmetic changes. LOL

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