Month: May 2015

Truth: a haiku/haibun

When a person is afflicted with a life-changing condition, compounded by chronic ailments, at a relatively young age, a time when they are supposed to be in the prime of their life, it hurts: It hurts in a lot of ways. We look around at times and wonder, even ask, “Why? Why this and why me?”  Often it is only in our minds we question why, but occasionally the question becomes a cry – outloud. Every so often these times stretch from what is a basic sadness and frusteration into period of self-pity. And self-pity is no good, at any time, never being productive and often leading to a worsening of the overall situation. 

It is when these rare times of self-pity encompass me that Truth* steps in and shows me where I really am and where I easily could have been. I’m thankful for these “interventions”, snapping me back to reality. Because in truth, I am far more blessed than I should be, in far better shape than I’m supposed to be in, and far better off than many folks.

self-pity screams out
life – how unfair -look around
Truth – I’m so blessed

* Truth is capitalized here on purpose, for I am referring to God the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth as He is sometimes called. 

Linked to Haiku Horizons week 65 writing prompt “fair”.

Tomorrow will Come: a tanka

Earlier this week CDHK had a challenge using the words priest and morning glory. Well, as I mentioned in another post, writing hasn’t been something that I’ve had the chance to do or felt much like doing the past week or so. I missed the submission dates on several prompts that I enjoy doing and/or wanted to write about, this one being one of them. But the idea I had, which didn’t match up exactly with the terminology, or most folks ideas in all likelihood, stuck with me all week. Today I have a (very) few extra minutes so I wanted to put this together and publish it while I have the opportunity; it may be the only writing I do this weekend.

Jesus the high priest
in His presence I’ll wake one
glorious morning

may be my bed or His throne
tomorrow I’ll awaken

There are lots of things in our lives we worry about, get anxious over, and expend energy on; the majority of these things are beyond our control making them a useless hindrance in my opinion (even though I’m as guilty as any as falling into the trap of doing these things).
If you’ve read much of my blog, here or my other one, you know I’m a man of faith. Sometimes I need a boost to my faith and pray for that, following the example of the disciples as recorded in Scripture.

“And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.” Luke 17:5

But one thing I’m confident about, that I don’t need a boost to know: Tomorrow will come, and I will wake up, be it here, in this life, or over yonder, in the next, with The Lord.

Tan Renga Challenge #84

Well friends, it’s been quite the week at the old home place for me: busy, sick, injured, I could go on but – honestly – I doubt you want to hear it! LOL

I’ve had little to no time or energy to write this week; I missed several days that I may try to catch up, we shall see.  But I always look forward to the tan renga on Friday and this week is no exception. So I’m literally making the time, taking pauses to save the post as I go, to participate in this challenge tonight. As a side note, I’m not sure why it is that I have a fondness for this style but I certainly do.

The prompt provided by CDHK is the first three lines with the remainder of the piece being my writing. You can find more information on all things haiku and this particular challenge here.

from a treetop
emptiness dropped down
in a cicada shell

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

Seventeen years brings forth life
Only weeks to savor it

© Greg Wolford 

Although I’m not a fan of the cicadas, there is something profoundly sad to think of the time they spend “coming to life” only to survive for such a wee period of time. In a way, their life-cycle is a bit of a mirror of ours: We spend years learning, growing, gaining wisdom, and so forth and, for most folks I think, just about the time we start to “come up” or really get it our time is up … or very near so.

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”
James 4:14 (NLT)

The secret to a positive day.

Though I am guilty of falling off the proverbial bicycle here, if I do what Ronald suggests and I almost always have a much better day. Incidentally, I generally like to start my day with reading at least a few verses of scripture, if not studying on a particular topic.


I wanted to do a Throwback Thursday Post, but I have so many I found it difficult to sort through them all to find one to share again. I did find this one in my folders on my computer. I didn’t find it in my posts and thought why not share it now. This is a favorite topic of mine.

How do you start your day? Yeah, I know, we all hit the bathroom first usually, but let’s say everything is set and good to go, what do you do?

More than likely you are beginning your day the wrong way. The way you start your day has an impact on the way you live your day.

“Bull, Ronovan. Other people dictate my day!”

I don’t want to hear it. When I wake up in the morning, I am the one in control of my thoughts and actions. I am…

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Not Doing What I Do 

I’m a man of many hobbies. It has been said that I collect hobbies, the truth be told, that’s not far from true. Despite my physical limitations, many of my hobbies are hands-on, creative things; I’ve always loved to make or remake or restore things. But the last two years or so I’ve not been doing “what I do” nearly as much as I’d like to. In fact, adding writing (poetry/creative writing) to this blog was a way to give me a creative outlet I can go to when I can’t do what I am really wanting to work on.

These past couple of years have been a struggle for me health wise. I’ve had some pretty low lows and then started on an upswing after I found out about having diabetes. For a while I began to feel almost like me again. But it seems the struggle goes on – again.

I should say here this isn’t a “pity post” or meant to be a complaintfest (I think I just created a new word there!). I just need to express myself I guess. If you look, and you don’t need to feel compelled to, I am actually posting this in a brand new, just created category: Rambling. And I’m probably living up to that name here – and certainly will in the future I’m sure.

I’ve mentioned in the past in one or more posts that writing has always been a passion of mine, so I really am not complaining aabout doing it instead of another project. I’m opining more, really, about my frustration with my health swings. I told my son I feel like I’m caught up in some terrible whirlpool that I can’t free myself from: when I’m able and feel like accomplishing something I’m so far behind on normal chores/duties that I can’t do the fun, and potentially profitable (both monetarily and psychologically, things I’d really like to be doing. I don’t think I’ve had a string of more than three straight good days since winter began.

Now I’m dealing with this “other thing” that I’m not even sure what it is. I have a suspicion that my diet, somewhat poor of late, is playing a role in it; I suppose it’s back to the finger pricks and testing again to see what I can see there. But I have doubts that my recent decline in balance and mobility are associated with they, though I readily admit I could be wrong.

The old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” may hold true here; I hope it’s the latter though of the options. I know God allows everything that happens for a reason. And I know whatever the reason it is ultimately for our (my) good. I pray the good arrives soon though.

Okay, rambling over – for now at least.

I Won … Nothing #BeWoW

See here for what being a BeWoW blogger is all about,

Last week I noticed some odd posts on Facebook; yes, odd even for Facebook. Browsing my feed before bedtime I noticed an old friend – who was always a cut up – posted something to the effect “Out of toilet paper; goodbye socks!”  I couldn’t resist and replied “Don’t flush!”, thinking I’d garner a laugh. Little did I know the laugh was on me!

A few seconds later he messaged me: I’d fallen for a prank, one supposedly to raise awareness for breast cancer. The note said I was to choose from 8 or maybe 10 made up statuses and post one and wait for my victims. I’m a big joker at heart, always have been and always will be I reckon, so I played along. 

The least outrageous and offensive choice “I just won $900 on a scratch off ticket” seemed to be the option for me so onto my status it went. Within three minutes I had four victims! I messaged them all the note I was sent and waited … and waited. It seemed no one else wanted to play! Even my dear, sweet daughter was “out” on this game. 

I pondered on it a few minutes and deleted the post, replacing it with an explanation of what it was and no hard feelings for not being amused. I also mentioned they should remember I don’t even play the lottery so it would be awfully hard for me to win it! That’s another story for another post though …

In 1995 I lost my dear grandmother, Granny as we all (still) call her, to breast cancer. I’m all for making sure this horrid disease stays in the forefront of our minds, the whole reason I “played” to begin with. But this wasn’t really the best way to do that: posting a silly statement for the world and my (church) kids to see and possibly misinterpret. No, this blog is a much better and hopefully effective way to remind the world of the life-stealing disease. And it is much more appropriate to honor a woman who deserves to be honored in an honorable way. 

Granny and Papaw inspired, molded, shaped, and taught me; I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for them and the role they played in my life. I thank
God daily for them and the time we had together. And I hope to honor God first and them next in who and what I am/do. 

“Papaw” Bill and “Granny” Iris Plybon, I dearly hope you know how much you’re still loved, adored, and missed. 

Iris: a haibun 

A strong, witty, tough, yet gentle soul, my grandmother was, I say with loving bias, truly one of a kind. Having been raised on a rural farm, in a large but poor family, she wasn’t particularly refined but she was filled with charm and grace. Of average stature, she could certainly seem intimidating when she had to, and she wouldn’t hesitate to use that skill when needed. It was hard to see the way cancer ravaged and slowly destroyed her body. This robust woman of barely 60 years old reduced so quickly to a shell of her former lively self. 

Beautiful iris
Vivid blooms healthy strong stems
Blight wilts overnight

This haiku/haibun is dedicated to my Granny; her name was Iris. 

Linked to CDHK challenge #720

Tomorrow is #BeWoW: Are you ready?

Can you believe another week has already passed us by? Time stands still for no blogger! The phenomenon taking the blogosphere by storm known as BeWoW will be upon us in mere hours: Are you ready? I am! I actually have to accounts to share again this week. And I hope they will inspire and open minds and hearts – or at least get read and received positively! 

Don’t know about BeWoW? Find all about it from the creator Ronovan Writes … then publish your own inspirational, helpful, etcetera blog and uplift all the rest of us. 🙂