Quality Time #BeWoW

I’ve been very busy of late, or not felt so great, and haven’t been doing much/any of the things I enjoy; I eluded to this yesterday. Some of the things keeping me busy are badlly needed projects around the house, many of wich I can’t do or need help with. Yesterday was one of those days.

Our front door was in bad need of refinishing; I think it had beeen three or four years since I last did it. The past two winters have been pretty harsh and took a toll on the wooden door’s finish. So we decided that this week my son and I would take it down, do some badlly needed filling, sand it, restain and seal it, along with replacing the hardware. Tuesday was the pick day: he was off work, my grandson was not here and the forecast looked decent for the work (though the weather changed and the cooler temperatures and high humidity threw us a curveball, slowing us down quite a bit).

The project took all day, starting around 10 am and ending around 7 pm. And we still have some finishing up to do tomorrow, if the weather forecast holds and my body is up to it; yesterday’s activties, even though my son did the brunt of the hard stuff, has me down stiff and aching today. After a rocky start to the project we soon settled into a rhythm of sorts and worked well together all day long, not always the case! LOL

During this day-long project we had some good, quality time together. We talked – a lot – and we joked around as we do – a lot – as we toiled. I also got the opportunity to teach him how to properly use power sanders, the right way to strip the wood, how to apply the stain, install a new deadbolt and door hardware, how to make and color our own wood filler, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting. 

© Greg Wolford I had to learn all of these things on my own; Dad died when I was 9-years old and I had no one to teach me the things a boy learns from his father. And, until recently, my son hasn’t been too interested in learning many of the things that I can and am able to teach him. So it was a really great – and productive – day all togther.

Greg, my son, is 25 now. The point? Our “kids” don’t have to be pre-adolescents, toddlers, teens, etcetra for us to bond with, teach and spend good quality time with them; they can be any age – if you (both) are willing and make the time, and put in the effort to do it.

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