Full Circle: chained haiku set

This set of haiku was inspired by a challenge called “Full Circle” from CDHK. (You can read the full details HERE.)  The idea was to write four haiku using a list of words, in clockwise order, one per line. The prompt words are:
1. Heaven
2. Clouds
3. Palm tree
4. Fountain
5. Goddess
6. Desert
7. Jazz cafe
8. Duke Ellington
9. Summer night
10. Honeysuckle
11. Ancient road
12. Hill

This is my attempt to go full circle:

Heaven above me
Fluffy clouds abounding there
Viewed through a palm tree

Fountain spraying- drops
Form on skin of tan goddess
Cooling desert air

Jazz cafe busy night
Duke Ellington ringing out
Easy summer night

Sweet honeysuckle
Lining the ancient roadway
Hill top view- stunning



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