Move On: a haiku 

I stumbled across this prompt in my feed today; I’ve been very busy the last week or so and am behind (again) in my reading and writing (and everything else). The prompt is the phrase “Let go“.

the past is just that
what’s gone is forever gone
move on and let go

I think clinging onto past events and sorrows are a problem we all have, at least from time to time. If and when we will just realize the past is over, can’t be changed, learn and move on the we can be free to grow and prosper. 


  1. Hello Greg! Great haiku! I agree we must all let go of the past but not only the bad things. Let me explain . . . Some people hang on so tightly to past triumphs from high school and college that it stunts their growth. It’s okay to have fond memories of your past but you still have to move on and establish new goals, attain new victories, and create new memories. 🙂

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    1. Oh, Vashti! You have brought up an excellent point. I know of folks that are trapped, so to speak, in their “glory days” as Bruce Springsteen sang. Excellent point.

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