A Trip to the Past – Flying Dutchman Review

A review I wrote for the SmokingJacketMagazine, sharing a little of my other hobbies/passions.

Smoking Jacket Magazine

by Greg Wolford

flying dutchmanSeveral weeks ago on a “junk hunt” at some antique stores I happened across this old Flying Dutchman tin. Being a fan of old tins, nautical stuff and it being priced well I snapped it up. As an added treat I found a few crispy bowls worth of tobacco inside: a vintage blend I’d never tried free with a cool, old tin! Of course I’d have to rehydrate it before I could smoke it but that wasn’t a big deal.

I looked the blend up on TobaccoReviews.com and found this information;

“Rich and aromatic. An old favorite. Burley, Cavendish and Virginia, ribbon-cut, no longer in production.”

After rehydrating this vintage tobacco I found I’d inadvertently made it too moist. I left it in a plastic container to slowly dry back down over the last two weeks. Today it was, to my tastes, perfect for smoking: not too…

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