Where Are YOU on Your Own Priority List? #BeWoW

Do you ever think about yourself and your own needs during the course of your day? I know, well, strongly feel at least, that we live in a very self-centered, narcissistic society that predominantly thinks of ones own wants far too much. But I’m not talking about that or to them. There are many loving, giving, sacrificing folks out there and that’s who I’m speaking to today. 

If you have made it this far and are still with me, I’m very likely talking to you’ So, let me ask again: Where are you on your own list of priorities? If you’re honest I’m betting not very high, probably not even in the top-ten. 

At my annual eye exam last week I was reminded that I need to make myself a priority in my own life if I want to be around to both enjoy and be enjoyed by my family and friends. Your health and well being (and mine) is in your own (and my own) hands; we are each responsible for “us” (oftentimes along with many other folks and things in our lives but that’s actually part of the problem I’m speaking of). 

Do you want to enjoy the precious time you are gifted in this life as you move ahead? I do. Do you want to be a burden to those around you in the future? Having been a burden in the past, I know I certainly don’t want that again. If you can make choices today to prevent or decrease the chances of that happening aren’t you ready and willing to do so? I am. 

I know: you’re busy and have a ton on your plate; me, too. But I promise you that excuse won’t cut-the-mustard down the line when you’re unable to enjoy a decent quality of life, spend pleasurable time with your children/grandchildren or whomever it is that is near and dear to you. 

Starting right now move yourself up on your list of “need to do” list – or whatever you call your it – and don’t feel guilty about doing it; you’re doing it for the ones you love, I not just for yourself. What better way to express your love to those you care most about than by being there for them “then” as well as “now”?

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