Blood Work Blues

At just over 13-months now since I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, tomorrow I’ll be going in for my now-regular A1C test, and other blood work; the A1C results I’ll get tomorrow but will have to wait a few days for the others to come back. I must admit that I’m somewhat anxious to get my numbers; I know that my A1C will be higher this time than last, I just don’t know how much higher it’s going to be. 

I thought that summer would be easier to control my blood glucose (BG) than the winter had been. After all, the warmer weather would, I reasoned, provide more opportunities for me to exercise since I generally feel better in the warmer weather than the cold. But as it turns out summer is hard, really hard, in other ways. Between the extra busyness of the season, trips/vacations, and the seemingly endless barrage of stress I’ve endured, my diet, and surely my BG, have suffered quite a bit. 

The busy schedule I’ve kept and traveling conspired to make it much more work to attempt to eat what I should, when I should. It really surprises me, looking back, at how much more difficult that was than making good choices during the holidays. Despite being more active during the summer, the unstable atmosphere of the season were much more challenging than holiday dinners and get-togethers last winter. 

Being stressed has always brought out the worst in my dietary habits: all good habits go right out the window to be frank. Sometimes, with some things, you have a degree of control over the stressors; I haven’t had much-to-any control over these in the last several months. I have, at least, recognized this and have tried to make choices that weren’t as bad for me. Learning, for instance, that fat helps to slow the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose has been a help; why are all the really good comfort foods so carb-rich anyway? I’ve also been trying to find extra ways to get more protein into my anxious-eating times. How well did I do at this? I reckon we’ll see tomorrow. 

Hopefully I’ve also learned from trial and error, including the above mentioned items, ways to loosen my dietary-stranglehold-grip at least some so I can lean toward a little less rigorous “plan” that I can live with day-in, day-out, no matter the situation I’m in or going through. After all, this disease isn’t going anywhere and, despite my trip-ups, I don’t have any plans to let it cause any more damage to my body or further decrease my quality of life than it already has: I will be the master not the slave to diabetes. 


  1. Great, informative post, Greg–I didn’t know that fat could actually be a good thing, as far as slowing carbs to glucose…I’m at least hypoglycemic if not pre-diabetic, and to be truthful, I don’t monitor anything. Sounds like you’re doing the best you can, which is all any of us can do. You can be sure I’ll keep you in my fervent daily prayers!

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    1. I appreciate the kind words and – mostly – the prayers. If you suspect you are pre-diabetic I’d urge you to research it (if you haven’t already) and make adjustments as needed. The BG monitoring isn’t all that bad; they even have an app for that! lol


      1. I love that you have a sense of humor, Greg–that and Faith are what get me through; if we can’t laugh, we’re sunk! Unfortunately my health care situation is not good…being low-income/disability (and no support system, as in family or friends), I have no realistic options…and that’s all I’ll say. So–you pray for me, and I’ll keep praying for you.

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      2. It’s better to laugh than cry I always say 🙂 And I most certainly will, Sister; I understand more than you probably expect.


      3. I appreciate that, and imagine you’ve had your share of dark times. I spent 59 yrs in depression, even though I was a saved Christian–but in March 2011, I caught the revelation of ALL that Jesus was/is/always will be, and all the MORE that He wanted me to have here on earth–not just in Heaven. I was on a serious BUZZ for a year, so full of joy and gratitude and praise that I was rather annoying (those who knew me figured I’d finally gone round the bend, but in the opposite direction of my previous bleak craziness). Since then, I’ve been learning a lot from the Lord–great teaching available on TV/Internet, since I don’t get out much. This year has been hard, the recurrence of depression, but the day before my b’day God swooped in to turn everything around again–so Blessed!! I know, as you must, that He is Always Present with us, very aware of what we go through–but sometimes we lose the “feeling” of it…and of course the enemy’s lies shout out and bring the darkness near. Somehow we MUST hold onto His Promises, His Word–and learn to wait (which must be the hardest word in the language). My Joy and Gratitude through my b’day weekend were continually replenished, restored–God was pouring on His love and blessings, filling me up. So I think we’re good to go for the remainder of the year, whew!

        xxoo, your “gabby” long-distance sis

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      4. PS: I listened to Joel Osteen’s message this evening, and it was so good: about being “real”, not hiding our flaws/weaknesses behind the “perfect Christian saint” mask. He said, “God will not bless the person we pretend to be–He will bless those who are honest and real with Him, and others. Because He can only change those who are honest enough to admit they need help–and He changes us ‘from glory to glory’, not from ‘shame to glory’.” I was SO blessed, because I’m always harping about “being real”–it takes too much energy to pretend/wear a mask. God can see through it, and so do most people! That’s why my blog is more secular in nature–so I can get the “real” (bad) stuff out and not be concerned that Christian readers will preach to me about “whatever is good, lovely…think on these things.” (Nothing wrong with the scripture verse–but it’s not helpful when people are overwhelmed with trials.) And who knows, maybe the poems that slip a word in about God’s goodness…will shine a little light for non-believing readers 🙂

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      5. I agree; one is only fooling oneself, no one else.

        I keep two blogs: one I share a daily verse on and occasionally more and this one. My original intent was to have this one much less faith-centered than it is. But that didn’t work out so well; for me, it was making who I am and it just didn’t work for me. So I totally understand what you’re saying. And you’re right: slipping in a little light is often better than a beam that stuns and causing folks to look away rather than closer 😉


      6. Could you tell me where to find your other blog, Greg–it sounds great!!

        Yes, my first blog was just after my Mar 2011 “epiphany”–and I totally missed the mark with my “glaring beam of Jesus Light and positive spirit”. It hindered the very Believers I was trying to encourage–bummer. So I really appreciate your thoughts about “less is more”, so people might be curious to look closer…and anyway, it’s the Lord who produces the fruit, we’re just the branches it falls from. We stress ourselves unnecessarily when we think we’re responsible for the results–we’re not; we just shine His light, plant some seeds, and let it go. God bless you and the fam today!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your struggles and overall positive attitude with diabetes and diet…I’m trying to manage colitis (also affected by stress) with diet and can attest what a challenge it can be!

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