Day 6 #OctPoWriMo

Today is day six of OctPoWriMo, a new to me challenge that I’ve really enjoyed thus far. “Life changes” is the theme for today’s prompt suggestion, along with using a counted-syllable style of writing. I chose to go with the theme (in my own way) and use the Shadorma again. 

There’s so muchI’d change if I could
Moments lost
Ever gone
We can change yesterday’s loss
Set new course today

While its human nature to wish to be able to set back the clock, we know that’s not possible. I know I have regrets; I imagine everyone does. But time lost worrying over past mistakes is time lost that we coul be re-setting for no more regretting. 


  1. Great message, Greg–I recall how freeing and more peaceful life became, when I “got it”. God has washed our Past, is redeeming our mistakes daily–if we allow Him to; so letting go of regrets is the only sensible thing to do, once we’ve acknowledged them, handed them over to Him. May He bless your day abundantly.

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  2. I like the form. I write a lot of tanka. It’s a good form for Twitter, as is this one. And you’re right about regret, thought it’s difficult to let it go. Nice poem.

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