Day 7 Journey: a #haiku #OctPoWriMo 

As I began to ponder on this seventh day of OctPoWriMo there was but on thought on my mind: my wife and the journey we have lived together the last (almost) 27 years.  

young and ignorant

we set out on our journey

never looking back

At the tender age of 20 we began this trip, having been strangers a mere months before we were wed. It seems like no one expected us to “make it” – but we did. Through the great times and the very lowest of low times, we pulled together; pulling together is the difference between those who “make it” and those whose roads divide. And to this day, of all the things that I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done differently in my life, making her my wife is the one thing I am most certain I did right


      1. Oh you goof! Thanks for making me laugh this evening. I confess to some envy–I had SO hoped my husband would be willing to go to counseling, show evidence that he loved me and wanted the marriage to work; but I’ve believed all along that he wanted out, just didn’t want to be the bad guy–so he effectively scared me into leaving with his abusive anger, escalating violence. I left, I was the bad guy–but what I have with Jesus, who promises to be a husband to the widow, is well worth the earlier broken heart. Do greet the Mrs from this sister 🙂

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      2. I have to disagree: anyone who resorts to that kind of behavior is definitely the bad-guy. And I’m sorry that it worked out in that way. But He promises to wipe away every tear and we know He is good on all His promises 🙂


      3. In the 70’s the church was still ill-equipped to offer grace and encouragement to a divorcee–that hurt as deeply as the rest of the mess. And yes, His promises will be made good in “due time”.

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      4. Sadly, in some denominations and “circles” it’s still unequipped, choosing to cling to man’s traditions rather than God’s Word rightly divided. I, too, experienced this hurt and still fight against it today; too long of a story to post here though 😉


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