Friends #OctPoWriMo 

I may make it through OctPoWriMo after all! Nineteen poems (more actually) in 19 days hasn’t been as easy as I’d thought it would be; I know now why it’s called a “challenge”!

Last night this thought, which I may elaborate on later, swirled through my head: online friends are real friends and online communities are also real communities. Lots of people don’t, or won’t, understand/recognize this. But having been a part of them, made friends – real friends – via various online-means (no, no dating sites or any such thing before your mind wonders in the wrong places) I know that it can be a good, real, and beneficial thing. 

The idea expanded itself into this crowned odquain I share now. 

Met online
Never in person
Yet we are very real friends

But real close caring
More than many face to face

Know many
Online  folks better
Than I do two houses from

Don’t get it
Can’t understand how
Strangers can become so close

And misunderstood
Not everyone will see the

Since I got this idea and wrote the first stanza last night, I didn’t have the prompt suggestion for today yet. The idea stuck and expanded so I chose to stay with my thought rather than use the optional prompts. 


  1. Stanza 3 stumped me; and in the last one, I’m guessing that the Internet is what you’re referring to–? I think you’ve been doing an impressive job with the OctPoWriMo prompts, considering you have a “day job”–lots of demands on your time/energy/heart. Online friendships do have their challenges too–we can’t see each others’ facial expressions, hear the voice tone in emails and comments; and emoticons only go so far, as do the “code words” (not everyone is on board/up to speed with these aspects of Internet communication). I’ve not had one such friendship succeed–but it’s probably “me”, not the others or the technology. Though I’ve invested significant efforts, and I’m generally judged to be articulate–somehow things haven’t worked out; but that’s okay, I’ll live 🙂


    1. Stanza 3 I’m trying to say I know online friends (some) better than I know neighbors that live 100 yards away. And the Internet and social media in general, yes.

      It takes work for both relationships and neither are easy. I have a friend in Australia that I met through an online support group for my neurological disorder. We’ve been “friends” for almost 10 years and I’ll likely never see her or her husband face to face ever. Though we’ve jokes one day when one of us hits the lottery! lol Hang in there, seems like you’re doing just fine so far 😉


      1. Yes, I got the substance–but reading Stanza 3, it’s the 2 “many’s” that threw me off… I’m very glad you’ve had an ongoing 10-yr friendship with the person in Australia 🙂

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