Sometimes I Hate Technology 

Despite getting my flu shot early this year I seem to have contracted it. Oh well, maybe it’ll be shorter and milder than it otherwise would’ve been: think positive, Greg! Being sick I’ve little inspiration to write so OctPoWriMo may be over for me. But, when my head isn’t pounding, I can try to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, maybe even discover some new ones (still trying to be in a glass-half-full mindset).

{As a side note, the positive thinking must’ve helped; my fever broke late this evening. As you might’ve guessed, I worked off and on on this ramble – I don’t rant – all day today.}

I started to read through some of the posts from OctPoWriMo that I’d missed yesterday and found some lovely ones. I also found one from Bastet that made me shake my head in technology-induced frustration: a lovely trimeric. I emphasized the form’s name because it’s one I have recently learned, have written several poems using it, and really like. It is also one that autocorrect “fixed” for me a dozen or so times to “trimetric”! I’ve spent – off and on – a couple of hours finding and fixing autocorrect’s help on that one word between yesterday and today; I think I found and fixed them all, though I’m not positive of that. Why did it take so long, you ask? Well, that’s including the the umpteen times I typed and overrode autocorrect on the word trimeric, hoping to teach my iOS device that I want to spell it that way! It is still fighting me, if you happen to be interested …

I then began to think of all the times my iOS devices have “helped” me that I know of: they love to switch up certain words and I often don’t catch it because when I proof (I know, it doesn’t look like it but I do proof read – usually) I read what I think should be there, not what is there wrongly. I wonder how many times it’s “helped” that I’m oblivious to? (In case you’re wondering, I do the majority of my writing, for various reasons, on my mobile devices.) I have thought that one of these days I might like to change my laptop, down the road a few more years, to an Apple and abandon the Windows/Microsoft platform altogether. Since it’s a long way away from happening, I suppose the point is, well, pointless, but these incidents do make me ponder upon if that’s really a good idea. 

Yesterday, despite not feeling at all like it, I had other things that had to be done, all PC/tablet related stuff. And I had dozens of pages that needed to be printed. Last Black Friday I finally scored a deal on a printer that is air print-compatible and prints wirelessly from the laptop; I have to tell you, I was stoked to finally have this ability! The first thing out of the gate the laptop needed to update and reboot – a mere 29 critical updates. I think Microsoft somehow “watches” me and they know when this is going to be the absolute most inconvenient time to automatically do it; usually it’s Sunday morning when I need to load or print a lesson/outline. I almost teared up as I realized what was happening, the computer counting fiendishly down with no way for me to stop the update. 

When I finally finished all the update/restart cycles, I just wanted to get on with what needed done. The wireless card then decided to take a nap: “No internet connection for you!” a very soup-nazi sounding voice said. No, really; I heard it. A few troubleshooting-checks later and finally – connection! Then the printer decided to play along, “I’m off line and you can’t do anything about it! Nah, nah, nah!”, it taunted me. The printer and laptop conspire this way a lot. 

I devised a rather devilish scheme to trick the printer: I’ll save my work to the cloud and then print it from the iPad; the iOS always fools the printer into working! I felt like a genius because it actually worked. Of course that feeling was short lived when I realized I’d been helped by the spellchecker on the laptop, too, and needed to edit the documents on it, up load them – again – and switch back to the iPad to finally print them. Talk about a real, honest-to-goodness headache, I had one! But, after way too long, I pevailed; I outsmarted the “machines” and got the work done.

As I began to power down the laptop I heard a familiar clunking-whir sound; the printer began spitting out documents – in duplicate – of what I’d asked of it hours ago. 

Sometimes I truly do hate technology.


  1. Oh gosh, Greg–I’m sorry to hear you got the flu, despite having the shot (makes me wonder if I’ll get it, flu, now)–and you have my sympathies re technology; don’t get me started! God bless you–sending MORE “nagging” prayers up to The Boss!


    1. Thank you, J; your words and “nags” are very appreciated. I think I’m on the downside of it now as most of my symptoms are gone or much less severe/bothersome, thankfully.

      They say you don’t really get it from the shot (my understanding at least), rather, you’ve been exposed before the shot can work. If that happens your sickness will either be shorter and not a bad or it’ll be worse than usual! I’m glad it seems to be the former in my case. And I hope you don’t get it all; in the many years I’ve been getting the shot I’ve not had the flu so I think it usually works as it’s supposed to.


      1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Bro–I’m not worried for myself. I get the shot each year, and perhaps because I don’t go out among the masses much, I’m not exposed to a whole lot that can cause illness. If I get sick and die, all the better for me 🙂

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      2. Thank you and you made me smile with this. I’m constantly exposed between Walmart, church, and my family, I feel like I’m in a Petri dish LOL


      3. Yes…there’s something to be said for being a recluse 😉 (I have such a visual of you in a little Petri dish–wow that takes me back to high school Science class!)

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