Pen and Muse: a pair of #haiku 

I’m enjoying a little quiet time at the moment, in between errands and junk essential tasks, and thought it would be a fine time to check out Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge prompt words. This week he gives us pen and muse to work with, both excellent words for writers, right? Maybe, but they weren’t as easy to make work as I initially thought they would be. 

As I toyed with using them in different orders, stanzas, and ways in general I came up with this one that I actually rather liked.

pen swirls as I muse
how these words work together
is a big puzzle

I know: it’s not real accurate in that I’m typing on a tablet, not “swirling” out words with a pen. Still, it felt good to me and it opened my thoughts up, too. 

Later this evening, as I was finalizing this post, my ideas began to drift in a completely different direction. I quickly tapped out this bonus haiku, which is more “me” anyway.

with pen and paper
I muse the deeper meanings
in God’s holy Word

So this week you get a two-for-one post. And there should be something for everyone between the two entirely different haiku. I think it illustrates just how much fun, creativity, and of ourselves can come from/through these challenges: same prompt words, same poetry form, completely different outcomes.  


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