Why You Need to Disassemble a Pipe – Tobacco University 

I thought I’d share on of my other passions (and blogs I write for) with you all. 

Smoking Jacket Magazine

I know some folks aren’t big on regular, routine maintenance/cleaning of their pipes; I get a little lax at times, too. But for the best performance, enjoyment, and taste from you pipe it is very necessary to have a routine and actually do it.

Being one who enjoys and has restored many old estate pipes I can tell you stories that could make you cringe – no kidding – about the nastiness I’ve seen and cleaned. But one thing most pipe smokers have to deal with at some point, even if you’re not restoring old pipes, is a stuck stem. While unfreezing the stem can be as simple as putting the pipe in the freezer for 30-60 minutes, let’s look at why this happens and what we can do to prevent problems before they occur. You know the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of…

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  1. Hard to picture you with a pipe, frankly–that’s not a judgment at all, mind you; if you enjoy it, it’s surely one of the lesser unhealthy habits 🙂 Looking at your tiny photo, though, I can’t seem to insert the pipe…. God bless you BIG!

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    1. No judgement taken 😉 It is a very relaxing hobby for me, both the restoring and the using. And a few times a week versus a 2-pack/day habit I had 5 years ago is a great trade off!


      1. Bravo for kicking the previous habit! I am a reformed smoker myself–so odd that I ever smoked because I truly never enjoyed the habit–the stink, the taste, etc….but I never moved on to pipes for some reason 😉 (I can hear you laughing again!)

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      2. You are correct- belly laughing!

        I always missed the smoking after I quit the cigarettes but the did and do taste and smell awful. The pipe is another world 😉


      3. Yes…now you need the whole get-up: smoking jacket or dressing gown, preferably silk–and the expensive Armani ascot around your throat. And you gotta lose the southern accent and any colloquialisms–replace them with a snooty English style (apologies to your British readers, I have nothing but fond regard for them all!) This is way too fun!

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      1. Now THIS is a GREAT photo!! And the pipe “fits” you here (more than in the tiny gravatar pic)–and your lovely wife, what a treat to see a picture of her! Please give her a big hug from this long-distance Sis!!

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