No Help Here #OctPoWriMo #Shadorma 

What’s the one thing or place everyone hates dealing with the most? Going out on a limb here: perhaps the DMV? It’s certainly got to be in your top-fine anyway. Well, my miserable week has been made extra-miserable by them; I reckon that means they have accomplished their job – or purpose in life?

Nonetheless, today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo gives me a chance to vent – creatively even!

World is against me
Help not found
When needed
Bureaucracy strangles me
For the people – Ha!


  1. Good venting poem! But seriously, I’m sorry you had a rough experience–I had to go there to renew my ID card last month, and it was a miraculously fast/easy errand done. God’s favor was poured out on me, and don’t think I didn’t go crazy with the praise and thanksgiving! I tried using it as an example for my “chauffeur”–the refuses-to-acknowledge-Jesus neighbor who drove me, but the soil is still asphalt so he didn’t care….

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    1. Keep on plowing 🙂

      Despite all my irritation, God did bless and I praised Him continually for it; it was actually a situation with my son (long story but finally a good outcome). I kept telling my son, “Let it go and let God; He’s got this.” And He did. But the vent poem felt pretty good 😉


      1. It’s a daily thing, the letting go and letting God–trusting the Truth, that He DOES have it all… 🙂
        Hey, I’m all for a vent now and then, Bro. Hope you get to read my “Endings”–it has a fun ending link 🙂

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      2. I forgot to reply: yikes!

        I loved this. I was dragged to get ready this morning and it spurred me on in a better light. It took about 3 seconds for the song to “hit” me but it sure made me smile what I got it 😉


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