Trick or Treat: Shadorma #OctPoWriMo

boys and ghouls
trick or treat costumes
some heroes
some villains
most sweet cute and well behaved
others lack manners

Tonight was trick or treat night in out area. I was both delighted and disappointed with what I saw: a mixture of sweet, polite children and mannerless little brats, more of the latter than the former unfortunately. A microcosm of society? I think so …

A late addition to my less than stellar OctPoWriMo


  1. I’m thankful we have NO trick or treat-ers here (must be a benefit of living in a not so good neighborhood). Nonetheless, this year I went insane and bought bags and bags of candy which are disappearing rather rapidly….

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    1. We usually have 300 or more: easy access neighborhood and all. Although the weather was nice the turnout was low, maybe 100-125, for some reason. Oh well, I am not a big fan of the holiday anyway; I’ve called it beg-o-ween for years 🙂


      1. Oh gosh, that sounds like quite a crowd. I’m not a Halloween person–I’d forgotten about the “begging” aspect, mostly I think about all the bad stuff that goes on. It’s the devil’s holiday, IMHO…

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      2. I used to give out these really cool tracts on trick or treat night; they look like $1 million and have cartoonish pop figures on them kids recognize and a Gospel message on the back. When I have those out the kids loved them and I enjoyed it; I should start that again.


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