I awoke Sunday feeling, well, fairly drained; I was tired, stiff, and just felt like going back to bed. But I drug myself out to the kitchen for my coffee, hoping in an hour or so I’d begin to spunk up. 

An hour went by and no change: I still wanted to crawl back in the bed. Instead I opened my WordPress app to look at some of the comments I had and two popped out at me: I will go into them in reverse order, which you’ll understand in a minute. 

The first was a comment that led me to a lovely post from J. Now, some might not see this as lovely as I (and she) but you have to click the link at the end and listen to the song to know how wonderful it is. And some folks still might not make the connection. Go ahead; I’ll wait …

Do you see how the song fits? It took me about three seconds for it to click. And then my whole morning changed, becoming much brighter. Heck, my aches and pains and all seemed to melt away in an instant when I “got” it.   

“Put me in, Coach, I’m ready to play, today.” John Fogerty 

I hope you get the symbolism she used here; I certainly did. And I surely empathize with it. 

This is the first of three posts in the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge that Meredith nominated me to do; I love all kinds of quotes so I readily accept the challenge and thank her for inviting me to be a part of it. There are a few rules to the game which I’ll share now:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days on your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
  3. Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavor

I nominate the following to participate:

  1. J of “DarkLight Harbor
  2. Karl of Karl’s Blog
  3. Annette

Of course nomination in no way requires participation, merely invitation to do so.


    1. You’re most welcome. And if you want to participate you can just have an “open nomination” inviting anyone who’s interested to participate; I saw another blogger or two that took that option.

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  1. Greg, I so appreciate your kind mention–more than I can say; unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to participate…things could change, but right now I’m feeling “on the bench”–to continue our baseball theme 🙂 God bless you BIG!

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    1. I’m having much fun with our theme 😉

      I understand how feel; I’ve been kind of there the last week or two also. I’ll be praying for you as always for whatever your needs may be. And if you decide to participate you can always “strike out” in a few days (back to the theme LOL) since it’s not necessary you start on a certain day 🙂


      1. You’ve triggered a memory for me: my Jr High P.E./gym teacher was a monster, and she really had it in for those of us whom God never meant to be athletes. To say I hated that class is beyond “understatement”–I had a habit of being “sick” those days, refused to go to school…but that’s another long and awful story. Anyhoo, it’s spring so we’re all out on the baseball diamond–and I keep pushing the other girls forward for a turn at bat, hoping to escape notice till class is over…. Well, of course that couldn’t work forever, so I’m up at bat finally. And I’m just standing there–I figured if I didn’t strike and miss, maybe eventually I’d be “walked”. This horrible creature, our teacher, got so angry–yells at me to strike at something, anything, we haven’t got eternity out there…so finally I do, and as expected, I don’t get a hit. After that it’s all a hideous blur….

        My prayer request continues to be “tech-related”. After God did a serious Miracle today, when the cable guy came out and finally solved the mystery of my phone issue (which began in Feb of this year), I was so elated–my faith grew 10 feet. Then I decide to relax, watch TV–and there’s something wrong with my remote, as in: I can “mute” the volume, and turn the whole dang things on or off; but I cannot change channels, see the guide, etc. I’m kicking myself, because surely in the back of my mind I knew I should have asked the guy to “just make sure the TV still works”. I was so dang grateful, and he insisted he hadn’t touched the TV box… I’ve made 2 subsequent calls this evening: nice ladies, they tried everything they know, and are sending me a free new remote…but I’m back to square 1, as far as faith that a new remote is the answer…. Whadayagonnado with a Sis like this??

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      2. Ooo we shall drop the “theme” 😉

        We are so much alike; your cable situation sounds very much like a story that I would be telling/experiencing. Once I had the cable company call me to ask why my payment was late. I told them as soon as they fixed my internet I would be able to make a payment; the service guy was there the next day! LOL


      3. Hahahahahaha! I now have MORE God-tech miracles, Bro–this is gettin’ so good, I’m doin’ the happy dance (and spontaneously witness/sharing with that neighbor who’s still talking karma….). After wearing myself out, “fretting” big-time, I called for another tech to come out and fix the remote/TV issue. I was battling the wisdom of this, because I was told it could cost me $70…so I’d “fret and pray, pray and fret”, asking God for wisdom, etc. I seriously don’t know why I try to make any decisions/figure things out in the middle of the night–we’re smarter during daylight hours, more able to tune in to the Holy Spirit… So I asked my nabe’s advice–he said if it were up to him, he’d just get the tech out to fix it pronto, and pay the bucks. So I called today, to clarify when the tech appt–as I had about 3 different times/dates…and I’m talking to this young woman who sounds “brisk” (which makes me nervous, like maybe she won’t be into “Customer Service”). God must have been laughing because, initially she was noting my account that I would be calling in for a credit for the service charge after tomorrow (which sounded great), but then as I yammered on about being a senior and disabled and a tech-moron, she said “for future reference, you might want to pay the monthly $4.95 to cover tech visits”. Well, I used to pay that–and then someone told me it only covered xwz….but not “just anything” the tech came out for, so I elected to save myself that monthly cost. So we’re still talkin’ and I said, “so if I had that, I wouldn’t be worrying about paying for tomorrow’s service call–or calling Billing later for a credit?” Righty-O. I asked if she could add that monthly charge today, would it cover tomorrow? (It was worth a shot, she could say NO.) Yes Ma’am–no problema! Meanwhile God’s reminding me about a bunch of things–like how He’s been trying to teach me “perseverance” all year long; and about trusting Him with Everything; and about not listening to the Liar who constantly says I don’t deserve anything good to happen…on and on. Greg, I’m just so blown away by God’s love, goodness and provisions–I’m nearly speechless (‘course, you’ve learned by now that that will never be the case with this Sis…).

        PS–I started yet another blog, and Followed you from there; you’re not obliged to go there…just sayin’. I think I’m going to post a testimony about “fretting”. It’s called “Confessions of a Verbal Incontinent”, just in case you’re interested.

        I hope you’re having a blessed day–and that I haven’t talked both your ears off!

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      4. This made my evening! And I love the title of the post you’re going to make; that’s a great one. And the reach of it for the Kingdom is unmeasurable! I enjoy our “exchanges, too; long or longer (there’s little short with either of us; ask anyone about me that knows me in-person LOL)

        By the way, the Lord often works me hardest in the middle of the night. I can’t tell you how many times He’s awoken me just before 3 am with something on my mind. And if I’m nor obedient and do whatever it is I suffer a sleepless night and bad day following. If I’m obedient even if it takes me until dawn I’m rarely tired and have a great day. God is so good


      5. God doesn’t have to wake me at 3am–He knows I’m up till 4, 5, 6am…but if I’m fretting, He generally suggests I “go to bed already” so we can “take a meeting” when I’m more apt to process what He needs me to hear 🙂 YES, GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

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      6. My new church is looking into new media that we want to work on/with; I meant to mention this earlier. We are looking toward the first of the year hoping to get into audio and video podcasts, and more blogging. So, you soon may be able to read some of my lessons and hear/see me teach, whatever the Lord leads and provide us to be able to do.


      7. Ohhhhh, that sounds great, Greg–I’ll be in the first row of pews!! Will add my prayers for this…speaking of prayers, could you “nag” a little on behalf of my cousin? She’s “getting on in age” and is suffering from allergies that become a serious concern when they threaten to become more serious respiratory issues. She is a devout Catholic Christian–everyone calls her “St Theresa”. She’s a gem, has held my head above water for years–and I’m so grateful God has allowed her to see the progress He’s made with me!

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      8. Added for sure! And I may change my prayer list name officially to “the nag list” 😉

        Yes, we are excited about the possibilities that may be coming. No, that are coming; we just don’t know yet which it’ll be and what order.


      9. We’re too funny–“nag list”. My cousin has a less *casual religious view (old-school Catholic) than I, so she begged me to make certain God knew she hadn’t asked for the “nagging”–that it was all my idea!

        *By “casual” I do not imply any disrespect or irreverence–just that my relationship with the Lord is so intimate, and comfortable; far from the way I was brought up–to live in constant fear of God and His “raised hand of punishment”. Where, I wonder, was “Grace” in the 50’s, early 60’s??

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      10. It was covered by the shadow of ignorance that “fear the Lord” means something far different than “He’s waiting for you to make a mistake so He can throw you in hell” that was (is still) too often taught wrongly. But it was still there 😉 (And I do understand what you mean LOL)


      11. I just feel so bad for the folks who lived and died during that part of church history when grace was veiled, as it were, by as you describe–a shadow of ignorance; and I’m Beyond Grateful that I lived to catch the glorious revelation–because without that revelation of grace, we’d miss out on much of the Abundant Life Christ died for us to have. I remember a pastor (Reformed Church of America) who was so constantly dour, I can’t imagine he ever attracted anyone to the Faith. I know he scared the bejimminies out of me–at a time when I so needed “more” of Jesus’ love, coming out of my divorce, so broken. I’m glad I know the Jesus Lord who has a sense of humor, and God who speaks gently to me–rather than beating me up. I meant to ask you if you/your church is at all Charismatic, praying in tongues…? Just curious. I’m relatively new at it–and it sure helps me when I remember to pray that way. There was something else I was going to email you about, but it’s slipped my graying mind for now–that’s what you get with an Older Sis 🙂

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      12. I, not too long ago, had to explain what the fear of the Lord meant to an ordained minister after one of my lessons; I won’t comment about much more than that here.

        No, we aren’t charismatic and believe that speaking in tongues is one of the gifts that ceased with the apostles. This is another doctrine that has divided interpretations.

        Believe me, I empathize with you on forgetting! I’ll be going to the kitchen, for instance, to get or do something and forget what by the time I get there – 15 feet away from where I started LOL


      13. Hahahahaha! I’m imagining us as next door nabes: chatting over the fence or hedge…lose train of thought; go into separate homes where, remembering, I call you on the phone to finish the forgotten piece. At which point you try to cover the fact you’ve forgotten what I’m trying to connect to, with something inane or an “emergency” you have to attend to. 🙂

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      14. Or I stumble in conversation wondering who you are and how you got my number ROFLOL This is funny and scary all at once being able to play out the scenario so easily in our minds 🙂


      15. I’m doubled over laughing and snorting–it’s very fun to me, brightens each day that we get to be silly sibs together! I guess if you got confused by me on the phone–after we’d just been talking in person–I’d have to walk back outside, pound on your door, one hand on my hip and frowning, as I said, “surely you recognize my voice…and your wife gave me your number ages ago!”

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      16. Hahahahahahaha–I just spit a slurp of diet Pepsi all over my laptop screen! Did I tell you about the phone issue I had? Because your scenario matches it perfectly…. I really should just email you… God bless you, Bro!

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      17. The phone issue (going back to Feb) was that the person who had my number previously had forwarded their calls to another number. I had no way of knowing this, as I knew nothing about call-forwarding. Well, Since March, people have been trying to call me–and they got some other party, who was getting pretty hot about it, using the term “harassment”…so there were lots of calls I wasn’t getting, either because they went to the other party, or because eventually “my peeps” were afraid to call and get that person. If I’d known 8 months ago, I could have just disabled the call-forwarding and/or taken that number off the list; would have saved the other party and I Both a LOT of grief. But the various efforts I made to get help…never seemed to hit on the “call forwarding”option, till I got a tech who was diligent. So your comment made me think that you could have gotten that other lady…were all this playing out in real life, not just in the comment box 🙂

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