Love Heals All #QOTD

Today is day two of the Three Day Quote Challenge that Meredith invited me to participate in. 

The quote I’m sharing today is another one I saved from my Twitter feed some time ago. It was unattributed so I did a little searching to find the original source; I think credit should go to whom even it belongs so I do that a lot.   


“Love can melt the hardest heart, heal the wounds of the broken heart and quiet the fears of the anxious heart.”- Joyce Meyer

 You’re getting off easy today as I think this quote speaks volumes of truth and needs no real commentary; look out tomorrow though! LOL 


    1. It was attributed to her several times on various places so I’m pretty sure it belongs to her. I’m familiar with the one you mentioned and love it as well as identify with it. I almost nominated you here but was unsure if you had free enough time right now to participate. 😉

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  1. I do love Joyce Meyer–she was the first teacher God put in front of me in Mar 2011, which led to the Big Epiphany and my First Best Easter Ever. She could say the truth I needed to hear in such a way that I didn’t feel condemned, but rather was Ready to Change! And she taught about “partnering with God”, which I think is one of the best premises I’ve ever heard for our Faith-walk. God bless you!

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