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This is the final day of the Three Day Quote Challenge I was invited to participate in by Meredith.

Today’s quote comes from one of my favorite authors and preachers Charles H. Spurgeon and it deals with character:


“May your character not be a writing on the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!” C. H. Spurgeon 

Known today as the prince of preachers, Spurgeon inspired many in his day with his sermons and writings, as he continues to do today.

In my lifetime I have witnessed, in my opinion (on which I am the leading expert), a change in folks’ character in general. When I was young we were raised that a man’s word was his bond and a handshake meant something almost sacred: it meant that two individuals were in agreement on a given issue and they staked something more precious than money as the collateral, their character. Our society places a very high value on many things; I don’t think that character – honesty, integrity, righteousness – is anywhere in the top 25 of their list, probably it’s much lower. I know this is not a universal truth, thankfully, but I fear it is solidly a general fact. Until the collective we once again place value in that which is truly valuable, esteem others higher than ourselves, hold fast to our convictions, we will keep seeing a persistent skewing of our moral compass, a continuation of the epidemic of addictions plaguing our nation, the further crumbling of the family unit, and an apathetic nation of takers walking over anyone between them and their “wants” believing this is normal.

I remember a time when our country was esteemed in the world community, unlike the persona that is and has been attached to us for some time now. I also remember a time when our country was referred to as The United States or The United States of America, not simply as America. I’m not sure exactly when this transition began but I’m fairly certain if one were to research it the timing will correspond with when we started to shift our values from those of our forefathers, the ones they fought so hard and passionately for that a nation was born.

When we begin to value character again, when we begin to love our brothers and sisters again, when we decide to put our houses rightly in order again, then we will begin to be united again. And until we are once again The United States of America we aren’t the country or people that scores of men and women have bled and died for; we are someone/something they wouldn’t recognize. 

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  1. Oh wowza, Greg–so well said; tragic, that the “great” has fallen so low–and perhaps it is due not to the good kind of “pride” (being of strong and high, Godly character), but “arrogance” which fosters that ugly sense of entitlement–regardless who is made “less than” in the process of taking more than we need, putting “I” first. There’s only one “cure”–Jesus–and I certainly can’t sit in judgment, as I fall short and miss the mark more often than I like to count.

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    1. I’m sure we all do. What I’m also sure of how few will admit that. You’re right of course about the cure. Perhaps when we shout the very non-PC truth a few will hear? It’s my hope and prayer so.


      1. On topic (I hope), I’m so discouraged about a situation here in my area–a high school coach has now been benched for praying with his players on the field before the game begins; and now I hear that one of the players as also been penalized. PC or no PC, I just don’t understand this, Greg! Since no one is being forced to participate/pray, why don’t those who do wish to, have that freedom? They’re not interrupting anything, or infringing on anybody’s space or freedoms–it just a quick prayer before the start of the game!! And yes, I well know about separation of church and state–but, can you help me with this, as it’s really upsetting.

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      2. This is very on topic. The church sat by content and complacent for so long we allowed the others to yell loud enough to catch attention that people in power wanted to quiet; it’s the fault of the collective/universal church for allowing that. Now it has gone so far that everyone has to accept whatever anyone else “believes” or says or feels … except for Christians: we are the silent minority now instead of silent majority. That means we have to fight – we are called to battle and equipped with the armor and Sword – to be heard and recognized again. In a small way, we are now tasting the bitterness that the early church had to swallow if you think about it. And while it’s wrong they are being punished, praise God they are faithful enough to SO something web sanctioned!

        All these false beliefs out there have no hope; only through and by Christ does anyone. And our hope isn’t “pie in the sky” hope that the world knows. No, biblical hope is solid assurance, praise God, of what we know is to be not cross our finger for.

        I know these things seem bad but in reality they show that believers are alive and moving as Jesus told us to be. We are to be Bis voice, hands, feet, etcetera, and by doing things that may bring attention (yay) to our Lord we are doing that. Are there possible consequences? Yes. Are they worth it? I doubt I have to answer that. ;). The Lord and the apostles, the whole early church, suffered for telling God’s truths, preaching the Gospel; should we expect that we not possibly suffer from man’s hands? Scripture tells us we will. If the church hadn’t been so comfortable and (dare I say) near dead the last several decades we wouldn’t have the situation we have, but we do. It’s up to us to learn from those mistakes, hold fast, speak the truth – loudly when needed – and keep on keeping on until He calls us home. Fight the good fight Paul wrote to young Timothy and to us today as well. Bless you sis that it disturbs you. And follow the Spirit’s leading on how you are to fight the battle, as I know you will.


      3. Ohh, thank you, Greg–your words did help me a LOT! When I first commented about this a month or so ago–on somebody else’s blog–I received a wrap on the knuckles from a Jewish man who argued that he and others who grew up in the 50’s, early 60’s (before prayer in school Stopped, along with Christmas being turned into Happy Holidays celebrations) were subtly coerced to participate in school’s Christian programs. I was able to stay in peace, just let him vent–because I don’t know the details of his experience, maybe he was treated harsly… But things are different now, and there should be room in the America that offers freedom of religion for all, to pray or not pray however they wish.

        To me it seems that now everyone else has rights, except Christians, when it comes to practicing our Faith. You’re entirely right that we Christians have been asked to sit quietly, be PC–a silent minority. And you’re right that we should be bold in our faith…and suffer for Christ if we must. I only hope that the football coach has sufficient faith to trust God to take care of his family, if he loses his job. I KNOW and you KNOW that God would do that for him, but I feel the need to pray for strength for him and his family.

        Another recent situation, in Oregon, concerned a Christian bakery that was sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. They ultimately lost their business, and will probably never be able to pay the restitution to this couple, who the courts sided with–as it was a significant amount. I was very upset about this because, again, I grew up during a time when businesses had signs on their doors saying they had the right to refuse service to anyone they chose! You can’t tell me this couple could not have simply picked another bakery to do their cake–but because we’ve become such a litigious society (on top of everything else), they figured they could make some big bucks in a discrimination suit. It’s outrageous. It’s not my place to judge people’s choices–that’s between them and God; but the court system should have denied the case as “frivolous”, and sent them on to another bakery….Oh goodness, I’m on a tear now, ain’t I?

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      4. I agree with you on all of this. I’m glad my words had some comfort for you.

        It’s “things” like the ACLU and other faceless entities that encourage and bring these suits to further their agendas. Sometimes I wonder how the court can be so blind, then I remember a remarkable number of them have the same liberal agendas …

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