We Create

This morning I ran across a haiku by Al the Author I really enjoyed. It also happened to be linked to a writing prompt I’ve been meaning to join in on but keep forgetting from The Secret Keeper

Well, there’s no time like the present (before I forget again!) to toss my poem in the writing-ring:

a gift
a handmade work
or a poetic verse
love is the reason we create
not coin

Unlike Al, I wasn’t able to get all five words in a haiku; kudos to him again for that!

(Written in the Cinquain form.)


  1. The (5) word challenge is very difficult to use when writing a Haiku. How Al the Author does it is amazing. Cinquain is one of the possible suggestions. I like the Tanka myself. But the point is to use all the words in the best way possible for you. I love the poem you created. All the words fit perfectly and the message given is so true. A great first attempt. How did you feel trying to fit all 5 words within the designated syllables, especially when you want to create something special, which you also were successful in doing? I feel it is like a word puzzle part jigsaw puzzle. The pieces all fit but where do they belong and what do the other piece look like or say.

    Thank you for joining in. I do hope to see you again. The words are special and new each week. Where they originate is a mystery and always surprising, even to myself. See you again. – jk

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      1. Yes, I did, thank you. Hope you day was wonderful as well.

        You are welcome. Very happy you have contributed and created such a fine Cinquain. It is a very artistic & poetic puzzle combined. I love to think of it in that way. Makes the challenge fun. I also do believe not to force what happens when you are creating the piece you end up writing. It will come in its own time. 🙂

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