Editing #haiku

A pair of haiku from this week’s prompt words from The Secret Keeper.

with red sharpie pen
editing close to complete
breaks my heart to see

her red pen slashes
sharp break from original
not even close now

Editing immediately came to mind, slashing away old-school with a red marker, when I saw the prompt words. I wasn’t sure which I liked better so I decided to share both. 



  1. I understand the pain of the red pen slashing away what you felt were such perfect phrases and sentences so carefully written. But the editing cuts down to the slimmest form of what was on the page. Your Haiku rings true and your use of the words were inspired. They hit you immediately with their inspiration. I am so pleased the words worked for you. The words are chosen randomly, yet carefully without forethought. They appear and suddenly they become the words. You have the gift of sight to see the creativeness and your mind fits the words as they are meant to be for your interpretation. Beautifully done. I am impressed with what you have written. Keep doing it. You feel a natural. And the more you write Haiku, the more the Haiku works with you. – jk

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