Below the Surface: a #haiku

It seems like we all know that person. You know, the one who has it all together, their life is just smooth sailing.  Most of us long for that in our lives, too. But if you were able to look below the surface I think you’d find something far different than is being portrayed. 

charmed life so it seems
a deeper look reveals much
mess akin to mine

And that’s okay really. We are all imperfect … and strive to show our best as much as possible; we need to realize that’s reality. We should also know that someday that person, as well you (this person) is going to need to be open about that mess underneath it all; we all will need someone to confide in at some point. 

The question is are you going to be a help in their time of need … a true, honest, trustworthy help? Or will you be the type to secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy knowing they, too, are a mess?

Inspired by this week’s prompt words from Ronovan Writes. 



  1. Having the messy parts goes with life. It is a bloody disaster at times and a moment later so perfectly divine. One should be willing to be there in whatever condition you find yourself or others in. Acceptance is a worthy practice. We all need it. Great Haiku and commentary on the side. – jk 🙂

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