Written with Love: a #haiku 

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. It’s one of those nights when I can’t shutdown my brain; words and thoughts running rampant, begging to be used. From this jumble came this poem:

hours are spent writing
poems haiku short stories
lovingly crafted

It probably doesn’t show very often but when I write I do put a lot of time and love into what I’m writing. Granted, sometimes things just “come” and I fire them off like a rifle’s bullet. But usually I proof read and edit … and repeat. 

Sometimes it’s looking for that perfect word. Or just to thin it out some. But mostly it’s because I love writing and don’t want to publish anything that is, in my eyes, subpar, diminishing the written word. There’s too much of that today without me adding to it. That might be why I don’t publish more than I do …


    1. Thank you, Melissa. I hope all is well you and your family. We are bracing for a big snowstorm here. Did I ever mention I’m not a fan of winter? LOL


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