Month: March 2016

Embracing Life: a #haiku 

the warmth of a friend
embracing through the swings life
erodes her shiver

Inspired by Ronovan Writes weekly haiku challenge


Cats in Love: a #haiku 

This week Haiku Horizons offers up the word “cat” for the weekly prompt. Of late I’ve been trying to be a little more “traditional” in some of my haiku so I looked for a kigo with “cat” and sure enough “cats in love” is one! So, I thought I’d go with the traditional aspect and stretch for a little humor, too. 

ear splitting shrieking 

echoes through the still night air

cats in love – or heat

The verdict: Did I make it work (traditional and humorous)? I reckon the readers will let me know! 

An Eggs-traordinary Activity: painting Easter eggs 

With our annual church Easter egg hunt several days away and an anxious 6-year old ready to color some eggs now (last night actually) not two whole days from now, I thought trying out some “fake eggs” would be a great idea: they won’t rot, break, or take the time to boil that real eggs do. So I bought a package from our local Walmart and a coloring kit and we set out to have some fun.  

Click on the photo for more info about them.

Well, it turns out they do not dye well at all; what a disappointment that was! But I had a back up plan: acrylic paint!

Today we got out some craft paints and brushes and set to work. I must say that painting the eggs was not only much more fun but also more satisfying. And my grandson and I think they came out just smashingly (pun intended).  

Painted eggs

Can you guess my grandson’s favorite color? LOL

 The pain-idea also gives, in my opinion, more options for creativity. 

We have our eggs to use until Saturday, and maybe for Saturday, too! And we are thinking if we do need to do yo some real eggs we might just forget the dye and paint those, too. 

High Blood Pressure – Strategies to reduce naturally.

There are some good ideas here. Even if you know them a refresher is never a bad idea!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

smorgasbord health

Earlier in the week I looked at the mineral potassium and its various roles in the body. One of its jobs is to help regulate our blood pressure.

Firstly if you are taking prescribed medication for High Blood Pressure then do not stop taking without your doctor’s agreement. However, you can make some changes in your daily life that will help you reduce high blood pressure and work towards reducing the dose of your medication or coming off it altogether under your doctor’s supervision.

I need to just take a moment to underline that blood pressure in the body is essential – without it you die. Like most substances or systems that naturally occur in the body, sodium it is there for a very good reason – survival. I will cover how important it is for the body later in the post.

What is Blood Pressure?

Briefly, BP is the…

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