Murphy’s Law … Or Painfull Irony

I was torn between the two possible titles for this post – either Murphy’s Law or Painfull Irony – so I used them both; you can decide which fits best.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve made very few posts of late. I had been doing some studying and other things that cut back on both my reading and blogging. But that’s not the reason for the decline in reading/ blogging. Or in commenting/replying the last couple weeks. I wish it were that simple!

Many of you know I have several health issues, several arthritic joints being a big one. A few years back I injured my left-wrist and “Old Arthur” has set up (another) home in there now. Some days I barely notice it. Others It is a real problem. (Yes, this is leading somwhere.) The worst part is this tendency my wrist has developed to get a very sharp pain in the center, palm-side of it. “Katie bar the door“, as the old saying goes, if I happen to be holding something when that occurs because it’s going to drop – and fast!

A couple of weeks ago. I was helping my grandson with a homework project: we were looking up and printing information on our state, West Virginia, using my laptop. When it was time for a snack break my son made him a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water. Knowing that maybe 30% of the time my grandson will still manage a spill – we won’t even go into the mess of the sandwich! – I figured it would be prudent to move my laptop away from any potential spill-zones to avoid any accidents.

I picked up the computer with my right hand and transferred it to my left to put safely away until later. Just as I was about to put the laptop down, you guessed it: the trick-wrist did its thing. The computer only took about a 24 inch fall but it just happened to hit my metal leg-brace right on the edge on its way down. At the very least the LCD screen is broken and I can’t tell if there is any other damage until I can see the display.

I am certain there is some irony in this; I still can’t see it though. I suppose I should have left it alone and taken my chances with spillage, which, by the way, there ended up being absolutely none of!

I re-learned today that trying to type on a touchscreen tablet is not real successful, or comfortable, with my big fingers. My son got me a Bluetooth keyboard to use with it, which is better but still not as good as the laptop for comfort, ease of use, versatility or – oh you get the idea! And for longer posts the WordPress app in’t that great, not mention it seems to have limited functionality compared to the web-based PC version. But I reckon I’ll learn as I go and make due for a “season”.

Now, on to the point for my readers: My mobile devices have had their notifications (and emails) turned off. I have no idea how or when I did that. So I have had comments unanswered for over a week; I apologize for that. Hopefully I have the notification-issue fixed now. And, in time, I hope I will adjust to reading via the app on my tablet; the phone is just too small for my aging eyes! LOL Again, I am sorry if I missed you on WP or Twitter (getting that turned back on ought to be a joy) but I wasn’t being rude, just a little disconnected and dense. 🙂


  1. I can only imagine the frustration! Being disconnected makes us fear we’ll miss something but it’s probably a good thing for all of us to take breaks from our electronic devices, even if unplanned. Glad you’re back 🙂

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