National Limerick Day

I read several posts in my feed that today is National Limerick Day, along with some great limericks written by several folks on a variety of topics. I have to be honest: I’ve never written a limerick before; I thought they all were “off-color” before today! But since it’s National Limerick Day I just had to give it a go (really, I couldn’t stop myself!).

I got the first line as a suggestion while looking up how to write one and stuck in my head. So I fooled with it until I ended up with a limerick chain – or something like that. 

There once was a very old dog,

who slept his whole life in a log. 

One night jarred from his sleep,

by a noise loud and deep-

just a pesky old bullfrog. 

The pesky loud, old bullfrog

nearly scared the life outta the dog.

When the dog realized 

what just materialized,

he ran the beast back to the bog.

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