#OctPoWriMo: Time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, let alone written a poem, story, or anything else creative. A year ago I was posting daily, some days multiple posts, across five or six blogs; what a difference a year makes!

Changes in my personal life have brought my writing to a standstill for. But this being the first day of OctPoWriMo gave me reason to stop and smell the digital-ink and put some words on paper for a change. 

Coincidentally, the first prompt word this year is time, and it just happens I’ve had the idea of writing about that very thing for a week or more. The end product is very different from the original thought in some ways, and right on the point in others. I also chose to try the shape poem as was suggested, something I don’t recall doing before. 

        Seconds, minutes, hours, days,
                weeks, months; time
                 marches on with us,
                   ready or not. How
                     we spend this
                limited commodity
              gives a glimpse of how
            much we each value this
     precious, non-renewable resource.

If you’re interested in OctPoWriMo jump over to the website and check out the prompts, folks, and other good stuff waiting for you. 

Although I hope to participate daily the whole month, time will tell if I’m able to keep up. :0)


  1. Hi Greg, glad you chose to create poetry with us, well done. It has been a strange year for many, I think, including me. I’ve not posted on my personal blog much at all this year. Here’s hoping that this spring boards our writing and creativity back to the forefront. Peace to you.

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