1. Hi Colleen, I love your posting today, makes me feel really good. But sorry to say, that is not reflected in my Tanka offering.
    I’ve been writing more of my burgeoning novel tonight and my heroine is having a bad time! This is her story, not mine. Also this is the first Tanka I have ever written and posted for others to read.
    Hope all is going well in your world. Norma

    Tanka Time and Laughter

    Was it so long ago,
    when my soul was filled with joy
    and love abounding;
    salt tears wash away the laughter,
    cruel time wreaks bitterness.

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      1. OOPS, so sorry Greg, but pleased to have ‘met’ you. Thanks for liking my Tanka. As you can probably gather, I’m still not so hot on this blogging lark! I’m not exactly in my dotage but I’m sorry to say I am a bit of a Luddite when it comes to technology. As an aspiring writer that does not bode well for me! All the best, Norma

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    1. Norma, you need to do a post on your blog. Your Tanka is bittersweet and filled with pain. I am sending you hugs, friend. Try again this week. ❤

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      1. Thank you Colleen for the hug and friendship, very much appreciated at this time. I feel that I have to explain about my Tanka. I have decided after so many rejections I am abandoning the short story woman’s magazine market; it is over subscribed and overloaded with ‘staff writers’ so I have returned to two novels that I started a long time ago, but never really got to grips with. I had seen your Tanka challenge and I wanted to try and join in with everyone. However, as you have seen I am very untutored in the blogging world and never managed to send one off to you. The novel I am working on is quite bleak and I was at a stage where a character has done something unlawful but with altruistic intent. ‘Time and Laughter’ seemed to fit the bill. In my original comment (that never got to you) I assured readers that it was her story and not mine.
        But I do really appreciate your hug and I would want to reciprocate. In the busy days that you have I am very grateful for your guidance with posting etc. I hope that I have got it right now.
        By the way, would you let me know the time difference between where you live and England?
        I certainly will try the Tanka challenge again. In friendship, Norma

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      2. Oh my goodness, Norma. I turned to my trusty smart phone to find the time: I am close to Denver, Colorado it is 2:36 pm here and 9:36 pm in London. That is about a 7 hour difference. Does that sound right? I did include your Tanka in tomorrow’s post. I hope you will check it out. Please join in whenever you can. You are always welcome and I will help you whenever I can. Hugs sweet lady. I hope your day was wonderful. ❤


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