Chapel and Autumn #Tanka

Browsing my blog feed I found a few tanka this week that were beautifully written for the prompt words autumn and chapel. Though I haven’t participated in this new-to-me challenge, the words inspired me to give it a go.


autumn colors peak
horizon’s vivid splendor
behind the chapel
old oak tree reaches upward
touching Heaven so slightly

Eternal #OctPoWriMo

Today wraps up 31 poems in 31 days, or OctPoWriMo. It has been a fun event, getting me back to writing again, and a bit of a challenge, too, as I reckon it should be. It is hard to say how well I’ll do after this month; the holidays and all are upon us and I tend to fall out of the writing-mode. Maybe this year will be different!


Come drink

Living waters

Whosoever desires

Eternal life freely given

By faith