Time and Laughter #Tanka

There is a time for

Everything under the sun

Laughter and crying

Giggles and joyful tears flow

Making lovely memories

This week Colleen’s prompt words brought to mind Ecclesiastes chapter 3. They also made me think of the things, events, that go into those times. 

Eternal #OctPoWriMo

Today wraps up 31 poems in 31 days, or OctPoWriMo. It has been a fun event, getting me back to writing again, and a bit of a challenge, too, as I reckon it should be. It is hard to say how well I’ll do after this month; the holidays and all are upon us and I tend to fall out of the writing-mode. Maybe this year will be different!


Come drink

Living waters

Whosoever desires

Eternal life freely given

By faith