Trick #Haiku

The weather has been abnormally warm here of late. I image that will change soon enough.

Summer like weather
Warm sunny cloud free skies
Trick us – cold comes soon

Haiku Horizons weekly prompt seemed very appropriated given the above – and that Trick or Treat just passed! 🙂

Honeysuckle #Haiku #OctPoWriMo

I remember as a kid playing in the woods near home and the plethora of honeysuckle vines we had around us. They always smelled so sweet and fresh. I can still remember the taste of their sap (I guess sap is the right word LOL) as we would pluck the flowers, pinch off the bottom and draw out the center, then seeing that delicious little bit of liquid on it. I can still almost taste it’s goodness now. And the scent still always reminds me of good, innocence times. 

Photo curtesy of Gardening Know How

Honeysuckle vine

The sweet perfume of nature

Childhood memories