Time and Laughter #Tanka

There is a time for

Everything under the sun

Laughter and crying

Giggles and joyful tears flow

Making lovely memories

This week Colleen’s prompt words brought to mind Ecclesiastes chapter 3. They also made me think of the things, events, that go into those times. 

Winter Approaches #Tanka #OctPoWriMo

Today is the first day we have had that really feels fall-like in my neck of the woods; it’s cool, grey, and rainy. Soon the leaves will all be gone, bursts of color replaced by empty, dormant branches. 

Fall color displayed

Trees painted mountains ablaze

Winter rain moves through 

Winds cut foliage away

Grey landscape – winter draws near

Inspired by the weather and linked to the OctPoWriMo daily prompt

Tanka 2 for Today

Earlier I mentioned my enjoyment of writing tanka and the process of learning about the poetic form. As you probably know, I also enjoy participating in different challenges and prompts when I have the time and feel up to it, which I also have some troubles with from time to time! I mention this because the tanka I am about to share I wrote for the magic and glitter challenge I linked to earlier – but it has no reference to those prompts! How I managed that I have no idea: I’ll blame it on my spinal stenosis flare up 🙂

I like the tanka I wrongly-wrote so I’ll share it now; maybe it was supposed to be for a different challenge or maybe it just belongs to itself.

life’s work body of

accomplishments – sum total

adding to net worth

may not equal our target

possibly could exceed it