Winter Approaches #Tanka #OctPoWriMo

Today is the first day we have had that really feels fall-like in my neck of the woods; it’s cool, grey, and rainy. Soon the leaves will all be gone, bursts of color replaced by empty, dormant branches. 

Fall color displayed

Trees painted mountains ablaze

Winter rain moves through 

Winds cut foliage away

Grey landscape – winter draws near

Inspired by the weather and linked to the OctPoWriMo daily prompt

Handcrafted #OctPoWriMo Free Verse

Today I am feeling a little – I don’t know – melancholy, maybe. I thought to try and break away from that feeling I would just write a free verse poem for the prompt “in-depth“.

A workbench covered with tools

Many old, some new

Each have a purpose of their own

Make a design detail come alive

The time it takes is a small price

Each item handcrafted

Like days gone by

A symbol of craftsmanship

And pride

This is kind of how I feel when I am able to work on one of my hobbies: using mostly old tools and techniques, with just the power of my hands, making or restoring something the way it would have been done years ago. After a little over two weeks of a spinal stenosis flare up (I’m finally getting a bit better the last two days), I am really longing to get to my workbench. But I reckon it’ll be at least another week or so before I can even seriously hope to be able to. In the meantime, ideas will dance in my mind ….

Fall Flair #OctPoWriMo

We are halfway through the month now and I am, surprisingly, keeping up with little trouble. I can’t say that all of my posts were great, necessarily, but I’m writing regularly at least! Inspired by OctPoWriMo day 16 prompt blue.

Crisp, fresh smells the air,

Giving hint of the season new. 

Look yonder, over there,

Against the sky of blue,

Foliage change  shows fall flair.


Critiquing The Debate in #Poetry #OctPoWriMo 

The presidential debate Sunday night was one unlike we have ever seen before, according to most of the talking heads. Personally, it seemed a lot like many I have seen: lots fuzzy facts flying, insulting comments and questionable things being said – typical really. And no matter which candidate you support you would not be being truthful if you disagree on that.

I thought that I would comment on something that I rarely ever comment on using OctPoWriMo’s prompt “lively” to express my overall thoughts on the debate and campaigns in general.

A lively conversation
Intense words exchanged
How much truth
How much false
Time will tell

Intense words exchanged
Between two opponents
Rhetoric flying wildly

How much truth
Was mixed in with
Statistics and party-lines

How much false
Things contorted, distorted
Morphed into false-reality

Time will tell
What we all really know
The truth and citizens are the real casualties

Written in the trimeric form.

Tanka 2 for Today

Earlier I mentioned my enjoyment of writing tanka and the process of learning about the poetic form. As you probably know, I also enjoy participating in different challenges and prompts when I have the time and feel up to it, which I also have some troubles with from time to time! I mention this because the tanka I am about to share I wrote for the magic and glitter challenge I linked to earlier – but it has no reference to those prompts! How I managed that I have no idea: I’ll blame it on my spinal stenosis flare up 🙂

I like the tanka I wrongly-wrote so I’ll share it now; maybe it was supposed to be for a different challenge or maybe it just belongs to itself.

life’s work body of

accomplishments – sum total

adding to net worth

may not equal our target

possibly could exceed it


I discovered the Japanese poetry form of tanka several years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite styles of poem to write. It took much longer to realize that I was not writing it correctly; I still foul it up frequently to honest! Anyway, this week I stumbled across a new tanka challenge and wanted to participate so over the last few days I have worked this one out.

Moonlit skies above

Sprinkled with starry glitter

Hope springs fresh and new

Hours away from dawning anew

Tomorrow holds a fresh start

Written for Silver’s Tanka Challenge.

The Void #OctPoWriMo

Day two of OctPoWriMo.


Emptiness fills her soul,

feelings of sadness well up,

wondering what there could be,

what might fill the void?


Feelings of sadness well up,

thinking of what once was,

but never again would be .


Wondering what there could be,

brought no relief from her pain,

her inner isolation.


What might fill the void,

the vast emptiness that encompassed her now?

Nothing …

#OctPoWriMo: Time

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, let alone written a poem, story, or anything else creative. A year ago I was posting daily, some days multiple posts, across five or six blogs; what a difference a year makes!

Changes in my personal life have brought my writing to a standstill for. But this being the first day of OctPoWriMo gave me reason to stop and smell the digital-ink and put some words on paper for a change. 

Coincidentally, the first prompt word this year is time, and it just happens I’ve had the idea of writing about that very thing for a week or more. The end product is very different from the original thought in some ways, and right on the point in others. I also chose to try the shape poem as was suggested, something I don’t recall doing before. 

        Seconds, minutes, hours, days,
                weeks, months; time
                 marches on with us,
                   ready or not. How
                     we spend this
                limited commodity
              gives a glimpse of how
            much we each value this
     precious, non-renewable resource.

If you’re interested in OctPoWriMo jump over to the website and check out the prompts, folks, and other good stuff waiting for you. 

Although I hope to participate daily the whole month, time will tell if I’m able to keep up. :0)